Long Arms

Lately, I’ve been substituting dumbbell bench press for barbell bench press due to my long arms and some shoulder issues.

How low should I be taking the dumbbells, and where should my elbows be?

Also… how low should I be taking my dips?

Thanks for the input!!

For DB benches, it depends on how you hold the dumbbells. You could do it “bodybuilder” style with elbows flared out and bring them down to the edge of your chest. Or you could do them “powerlifting” style with your hands facing each other and elbows tucked close to the body and bring them down to the chest. I’d go for a full range of motion, but you don’t have to bring them down below your chest.

As for dips, you should be able to make your biceps touch your forearms. If you can’t do that, then you may need to do decline close-grip benches until you are strong enough, or you may have shoulder issues preventing you from doing them through the full-range of motion without pain.

dumbells will give you a greater range of motion. it all depends on what you feel is good for you and your shoulder as far as how deep you go. I try to make sure that the dumbells touch my deltoids and while dipping my shoulders go to elbow level. People might think that it’s too deep but i have been used to it and get a great range of motion and stretch. If it really hurts that much then you need to rest it and try some support excercises which will not further damage it or keep it from healing. laters pk