Lonely on Top?

Is there any particular reason that all of the other “leaders” in sport nutrition arent pushing prohormones? Usually even reputable companies have knockoffs.

Prohormones don’t sell well. They work (at least the Biotest stuff does) but think about it- most average people don’t care about “steroid-like” gains. And since women can’t use them there goes a huge percertage of sales. And EAS and similiar companies do or at least did have prohormones, but they were shitty orals and the products failed. “Andro” never really took off until someone perfected the delivery system and figured out which prohormones worked and which didn’t. In other words, topical 4AD and 19Nor— Androsol and Nandrosol. But again think about it- the average gym goer thinks it’s too much of a pain to spray something on twice a day. Hell, I know a few of these people that complain about having to to take a pill! So in short, the average supplement buyer goes for fat burners and protein powders, not prohormones, so I guess some companies who are after more of a Wal-Mart crowd just don’t bother with them, or they don’t push them much because the prohormones don’t bring in much money compared to other products.

…and let’s not forget, TEK: EAS now has a line of “priced down” supplements being marketed directly thru, and by, Wal-Mart!

I agree with ALL of the above reasons and would add the fact that the cost of R&D, not to mention the level of excellence that a companies staff must possess in regards to knowledge and experience in the pharmacological realm, takes 99% of them out before they even think about entering the pro hormone market. In this industry, as in every other, a companies direction, products, and positioning etc is directly related to their Leadership and staff. If you could look at the Bio’s of and track records of other supplement company’s and compare them to the cats at Biotest, I think most people would be shocked! So in regards to other ‘leaders’ in the sports nutrition market, I think there’s BIOTEST, …distantly… followed by a FEW others.

Most companies are about trends and what is selling now…very few look into the future…the prohormones are dead because of the orals dying…transdermals take money to advertise#1 and the average gym goer needs to spend their money on other things!I have 2,000 members that I can barely get to buy protein, multi vits, EFA’S, and the like …only about 50 hard core guys think past that!