Live in Texas?

Welcome back everybody. Let’s get a local thread going for those of us in Texas. Anything goes.

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Originally from Houston, in the hill country now.


Suburb of Houston now. Have lived in the Valley, Corpus, San Antonio, and south of Abilene.


I used to live near Texas, Massachusetts, does that count?


Born and raised in the Hill Country, spent some time in East Texas and on the Gulf, back in the Hill Country.

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I’m about 30 miles north of Houston. What’s it like for you guys living further out of the city and trying to get a good gear buddy?

South DFW here.

Do Texans still like football?

How do you guys like Sarkisian?

Are you hype to join the SEC?

Was pulled over in texas…told me i was speeding…i told the officer thats impossible since i had cruise control at the speed limit, so he gave my girlfriend a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt

could not wait to leave texas

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I moved to Ft. Worth area two years ago and mostly love it here. Envious of you Hill country folk. Unfortunately, I have to be in office, so living close to city is a must.

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lol sorry bud.

No worries…that was back in 1997

lol. Well, find the right gym or website basically.

Live in Houston area

Graduated from UT Austin

Work in oil and gas. Glad the industry will be strong until I’m retired as this whole electric car pipe dream is still decades off, mandates or not. Our electric transmission & distribution system is nowhere NEAR ready to handle the increased load demand, nor do we have near enough power plants…and while I know we are adding tons of solar and wind, to be fully electric we will need vast quantities of baseload, sustained GW’s on the grid as wind/solar cannot be always counted on. I’ve also worked in the electric side of energy, power trading[24 hour real time trader desk] and scheduling, so I know a good deal about ERCOT. Texas is light years away from being able to support every single Texan plugging in an electric vehicle every night. For any idiot thinking it will be soon, I just remind them of Winter storm Uri in 2021! Our grid is so so far away from being ready and it takes decades to approve, permit, financing, etc to build just one combined cycle natural gas power plant, we would need dozens to generate enough power to handle the load.

Proud Longhorn but I am one of the few realistic fans, never gotten on the “Texas is back” theme, esp. after Ricky and Vince Young left. In all honesty, I’m pretty nervous…optimistically nervous to join the SEC cuz now it is the big boy conference, no more West Virginia or Kansas teams to beat up on. Texas will now have to actually DO something with their perpetually top 10 recruiting classes if they want to finish with a winning record each year. But Sarkasian or however you spell it, has done a good job so far…Again, real test will be after 1 or 2 years in the SEC. I think for their first year I’m not expecting too much, as I think this year will be spent getting their dicks knocked in the dirt, welcoming them to the conference where EVERY Saturday is vs a great opponent. But glad to be playing Atm again, extending our overall win record versus them. It’s a great Thanksgiving tradition in the state.

Lastly, jesus christ how can anyone ever, out loud, claim to be a Texans fan? They suck, have always sucked, and will continue to suck until they figure out how to put all the pieces together to get consistent playoff appearances. yeah i know they made it last year, but as usual they got knocked out. And no, I don’t think one man [Stroud] is gonna change that pattern.

I think the Texans are like what, 1 of now only 3 or 4 NFL teams to have never won a Super Bowl? That shit is embarassing.


I want to talk about HEB. They’re completely resetting the the closest store to me. Guy comes up to me and says can I help you find anything. I said I can’t find anything because the store is completely messed up. He says well we’re doing this to add more stuff for you. I told him we don’t need more stuff in this store there’s already so much stuff in there you can’t even figure out what to buy. I would prefer less stuff and better prices like HEB used to be.

HEB would have to REALLY fuck up for me to stop shopping there. There isn’t anything close. I usually just shop online and pick up the groceries, so I don’t know how bad rearranging the store would mess with me.

I don’t shop online so maybe that’s the difference. This one already has sooooo much “stuff” in it I can’t imagine what else they would put in there. I like options but damn! There are 30+ different brands of pizza at this one. That’s not even counting different toppings or crusts.
Same with almost every item in the store. I just don’t need a ten kinds of dried seaweed, or 20 flavors of tomato sauce. I’m not too lazy to add seasoning at home… lol

I’m just old and find very hectic. I am sure I’m in the minority. They moved almost everything in the store with the exception of produce, dairy, and frozen.

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It’s my understanding that HEBs mgmt strategy has shifted in the last few years with potential aspirations to expand outside of Texas. So they’re changing up strategy from the old familiar feel to techniques in other markets, like Hy-Vee in the Midwest, to compete.

Changing store layout is intentional as it keeps people walking around and inadvertently browsing while they hunt down their list. The theory is this increases impulse purchases on top of intentional purchases, and creates traffic to upcharge vendors and marketers for shelf and ad placement.

It will be interesting to see how the strategy plays out. They’re essentially becoming homogenous with other chains and will have to compete on price as they give up loyalty, service and ease of access - which were the hallmarks of the model they became the best rated grocer in the country with.

They have a cool history too. The original was an old west mercantile exchange in Texas Indian territory, and grew to what it is now.

I’d also like to introduce Whataburger to the conversation. Texas owned and operated until selling to a Chicago investor. I swear they’ve changed suppliers, and you can taste it.

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I understand the thought behind the impulse buying ( I was a salesperson once) but in reality, it doesn’t really work. Many people just get frustrated. I saw several tonight that was just as aggravated as I was and left without even purchasing what they came for.

I also don’t care for them replacing name brands with their brand. There are some items I have to go to Walmart for because HEB no longer carries the national brand.

I have read the story of their humble beginnings and think they have gotten soooo far away from that it’s sad. It used to be my favorite store.

I agree about Whataburger. It’s NOT the same. I drove by it a glanced over there and there wasn’t even a line at the drive thru. I sure as hell didn’t stop. I love the sweet and spicy bacon burger but, the last three I got haven’t been fit to eat.

Yeah for sure. They’re both most likely going to lose their roots. It’s just bottom line now, unfortunately.

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