Liposuction experiences?

OK- I’m 36, quite muscular and have tried every diet, supplement and training protocol. My dilemma is that by the time I have dieted / trained off all I need to be truly tight/ ripped in the midsection, I’ve lost valuable muscle from the chest and arms . .if i keep the chest and arms full and cut, my waist has about an inch on each side at the lower back . .my “tire”. I’m thinking about lipo once and for all . .I’d love to hear of any and all experiences.
Thanks gang

Yeah, I’m interested in this too.

I’ve had lipo on 2 occations. Once 12 years ago which used the older technique gave me bad scaring and creases. I had lipo again last fall and the results were much better. Handles are completely gone and abs and lumbar look pretty good. I’ve dropped my bodyfat down from 18% at the time of surgery to 10% now and the only issue is I have about 1.5" of loose skin between my navel and upper ab section and a little in the lumbar area. I can see a full 6 pack only if I lean way back to let the skin tighten up. I’m told that it takes a full 12 months for the skin to return to shape so I’m waiting until late this fall before I make the descision to have the skin reduced (abdominoplasty). It was a good investment for me and not too painfull. I returned to lifting just 2 weeks after surgery.


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I think you should just do side leg raises every other day. Do about four to five sets of as many as you can do. Make sure you take no more then one minute and 1/2 rest between sets. And I’m sure your side fat will slowily dissapear, While keeping your size in your chest and arms. Good luck.

Um, jayce, you can’t spot reduce fat (except by lipo).

I remember reading Dan Duchaine’s stuff on topically applying a yohimbe cream for spot reducing. Anyone do this ?

Ironbabe relax, I believe Jaycee is an ACE personal trainer who accidentally found this board…just as long as no one posts a thread that “their training partner has a problem with drinking…what should I do?” we should be OK. (I think that is one of the questions on the ACE test…lol)

I just had lipo on my abs done this week. I went to Dr. Silverman (mentioned by Brock Strasser) in Boston. I’m not working out yet so I’m spending more time on the computer. I’m 32 6’2" and was about 250 (12% BF) when I had the surgery. I could get my abs to look pretty good by dieting my ass off, but as soon as I put some fat back on, it was right in my abs. I’m still bruised up and swollen a bit, but the difference is very noticable, expecially on the sides. Now I will have the luxury I never did of having good looking abs without dieting like a madman. I thought I was a tough guy and wouldn’t need any pain medication once what they gave me from the surgery wore off, I was wrong. I limped into a cab to get me to the pharmacy. Once I had some pain medication I was fine. As Rick said, it feels like you’re sore from an ab workout. Now it is 4 days later and the discomfort is very minimal. I have this girdle to wear for a month which will be a bit inconvenient, but not terribly. Dr. Silverman and the whole experience was great, let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.

I just want to let you know, though I have no citation of this handy, that I saw on a liposuction documentary that the chances of developing an infection is 60X as high as any other surgical operation preformed today. I think that’s right but don’t want to be just BSing you. Anyway, have a great surgery and great abs.

Keep us posted as to how it all turns out and feels after a few weeks recuperation. Good luck and thanks for the input !

I did it after training for 4 years 3 years with the same trainer and after dropping from a 40 to a 36 waiste line. It helped me to see the abs I had hiding underneath all that flab. Please note that Lipo does not pull any fat from the intestines area and there for will not make you ripped like those guys in the magazines. The rest is a matter of cardio and diet.
Also note there are 4 types of lipo proceedures. Some use large amounts of lidocaine which is irrigated through out your bod. That’s dangerous! I had a sedative and minor lidocane and was knocked out. My surgeon used ultra sound to immulsify the fat and then used a wand to suck it out. He pulled 10 lbs of fat and for the first time in my life I looked cut, and still do.
The down side. Recovery from lip is a bitch and make no bones about it. You will hurt and have to wear a girdle until the skin re connects with the body. The surgeon should pull fat from inbetween you stomach, love handles, chest and peck area arm pits too. It will take you 4 months to get back to your full work out routine. I power lift and it is now month 5 and I am just lifting in new heavy territory. Would I do it again? You bet your assay office I would. Im 44 and I now look damn good compared to most bucks my age. Costs about 4 grand. Good luck


The pain will get worse as the nerves start to heal. About 3 weeks after surgery the nerves that wrapped around from my spine over my handles became ultrasensitive. Even with the garment on any friction was like being branded.