Lipokinetix implicated in liver damage by FDA

I was checking out the FDA’s website when I came across this article stating that Syntrax’s Lipokinetix has been implicated in several cases of liver damage. Check out this link

If you’ve been taking this stuff and have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned in the article, the FDA is urging you to go to your doctor and get checked for possible hepatitis and liver damage. I think most people on this site a smart enough not to use this shit anyway, but you never know.

Another little piece I found:
Americans should immediately stop using a chemical mix masquerading as a dietary supplement that was blamed for poisoning the livers of at least six people, the government warned Tuesday.

The victims, ages 20 to 32, suffered liver failure or acute hepatitis after taking Lipokinetix for two weeks to three months, the Food and Drug Administration said.

Lipokinetix, widely sold on Internet bodybuilding and weight loss sites, is believed to contain a drug banned a year ago, a potent thyroid hormone, and a chemical once tested as a topical therapy for genital warts that FDA has not approved for internal use.

The FDA urged that anyone who has used Lipokinetix call a doctor if they have any of the following symptoms: nausea, weakness or fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, or any change in skin color.

The stern warning marks the second time in two years that FDA has clashed with the product’s manufacturer, Missouri-based Syntrax Innovations Inc., which sells remedies claiming to fight fat, build muscle and boost energy.

In 1999, the FDA ordered Syntrax to stop illegal sales of a thyroid hormone posing as a fat burner. Syntrax fought the order in court but eventually backed down.