Brock Strasser/Bill Roberts-I am wrting regarding a severe reaction I had to the supplement Lipokinetix. My dose was actually lower than the recommended amount:1 capsule in the am and 1 capsule in the afternoon. On the seventh day of taking Lipokinetix, I developed a rash that began on one side of my glutes. On the tenth day, I came down with body chills,severe nausea, weakness,fatigue,severe sweating and a fever of over 102. I stopped taking Lipokinetix on that same day. I immediately went to my doctor,as I felt so bad. She thought the skin rash, which was now covering my body was odd, but thought I had come down with a severe case of the flu. These symptoms stayed just as intense with a fever reaching close to 103 at times over the next 72 hours. By the fourth day, my temperature was coming down to 101, but I still had the body chills, sweating, weakness, fatigue and became so nauseated that I started throwing up and I had a blackout from the temp and nausea. I ended up hitting my head on the toilet,falling into it and then waking up on my back . I had no idea where I was, but finally came out of the blackout and immediately went back to my doctor. By this time, the rash was all over my body and my skin was somewhat yellow in color. She ran several tests including acute hepatitis and a liver function test. The results came back with a ALT reading of 3,617;normal is 10-35. It was over 100 times too high. My AST was over 3 times too high. My Alka Phos was 2 times too high. I continued to feel bad with all of the symptoms mentioned and missed work for two weeks. I had lost ten pounds. I felt fatigue and weak for a month after that. The liver tests continued to be high for at least a month afterwards, slowly coming down.

This happened to me in May of 2001, and I have been slowly researching the product and waiting for more proof. With the recent FDA article posted yesterday, I felt it is time to speak. Remember, everyone’s body is different and reactions might not be as severe as mine, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who has taken this product did not have abnormal liver functions. I was told that I was lucky I had a severe reaction to it, that brought me to hte doctor,as my liver had almost gone into failure. Brock and/or Bill could you please email me with info on all articles researched by you concerning usinic acid and or Lipokinetix? It would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to have the best ammunition available to approach Syntrax with my situation. Thank you. M. Sanders

derek should feel like scum. it would be different if you make a product that you tell people is bad for them and they use it, but when you make something supposidly beneficial and it does to someone what it did to this guy, you should fuckin die.
im thankful this year for my health

DC is a prick. He is going to kill someone someday if he hasnt already. Brock Strasser wrote an article on usnic acid 1 or 2 years ago. Check the back issues. And start using SAMe and milk thistle to repair your liver. This little experience could cause you problems
for the rest of your life. Those 2 substances might help your liver regenerate. And go after DC if you can put a legal case together. The guy sounds like a psychopath to me.

I agree with Dan and Steve, the T-mag staff has covered usnic acid/dnp in numerous articles and columns. Do a search in the T-mag search engine and gather all the info you can. Hit they the supps that the guys mentioned in regards to Sam-e and milk thistle…maybe even try some msm…DON’T DRINK any alcohol! I’m very sorry to hear of your misfortune. My opinion of DC and his pathetic little company is in line with the rest of the T-mag army. Get well bro. Maybe a class action is in order?

Im sorry to hear about your problems an I hope you get better quick but I must ask why you intend to approach Syntrax about this. Why did you take this product anyway? The product has been banned by the fda for a very long time now. I used it for a week and decided to stop but i did not have any side effects. Once again I hope you get well.


NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) is also very good at increasing antioxidant levels (glutathione perioxidase) in the liver. I would suggest milk thistle and NAC along with vitamin C and a good B vitamin (e.g. B-50).

Anyone know anything about Liv-52? It’s been said to repair damaged livers. Worth looking into at least.

That’s scary. I’ve taken lipokinetix in the past and found it to be very helpful with no adverse side effects. To each his own I guess.