Link complexes and isolation for arms

Hello from France ;-),

It seems for Coach that isolation work for triceps is not necessary (because of the upper push movements).

So, I plan to add some isolation work for my bi, not my tri.

What do you think about it ?
If you tell me that I can train my triceps anyway, I’m not afraid about it :wink:

I train like this : partial (3 links) complexes for 8-10 rounds (the way CT advocates here : )


Thibs does’t outline any Tricep training in his complexes or HP Mass. However, he does have an earlier LiveSpill where he’s doing some Tricep training. He also wrote in another LiveSpill about muscle imbalance that if you’re Close-Grip Bench Press (aka Tricep Bench) is less than 75% of your Bench Press then you need to work on your Triceps, 75% - 85% tricep & pectoral balance, over 85% then your Triceps are overactive in the bench press. You kinda have to judge for yourself if you need to work your triceps more directly. I’m actually of the latter in that my tricep bench is about 88% of my bench press and instead of doing tricep work I do tricep-less pectoral accessory work.