Limping Program

I am starting Ian King’s twelve wk “Limping” program tomorrow. Has anyone done it? What kind of results did you get? What should I do for upper body work? Calves? ABs? Cardio? HOw about diet??

I started the second phase three days ago and am still having a hard time walking properly.

Do the chest and back program with the limping program. All my friends and I have done both of them “all naturally” not even androsol. We all have made some of the best progress with these programs. Try the get-big diet, but double the protein intake. Do no cardio at all.

I’m in the second phase right now and I do the first workout every Monday. let me tell you, I had a tough time walking for like 3 days. The only problem I had was that my glutes were still sore when I was supposed to do the second workout of the week.

I’m also following Charles Poliquin’s Maximal Weights program for arms on Tuesday and for chest/back/shoulders on Friday (low volume though).

jhaas, how is the maximal weights program working? I’m thinking of trying it after I’m done with this Chest/Back and Limping. You don’t overtrain using it for more than one bodypart (arms and chest/back)? do you take lower intensity breaks between the phases? Does seem like a good contrast to the king stuff though.

Matt, Since I’m looking for leg growth, I thought I would train my upper body for strength only. I’m in the fith week of the maxiaml weights program rigth now. My priorities as far as development are quads,arms,glutes,hamstrings then chest/back/shoulders in no particular order.

I set up my split so that quads are monday, arms are tuesday, then rest, followed by glutes/hamstrings thursday and chest/shoulders/back on friday. I take the weekends off.

For the maximal weights program, I’m following his arm routine exactly and I am seeing gains every week (usually another rep for example). The chest/back/shoulder workout on friday is lower volume. For example, I do flatbench for chest and that’s it. I’ll alternate between flatbench and barbell rows for 5x5 (for the first 3 weeks anyways…). For shoulders, I do 5x5 dumbell presses.

I’ve been seeing increases in reps and/or weight with pretty much everything. I don’t train more than 2 days in a row and I take the weekends off. I’m also trying to eat plenty of food shooting for 2700-2800 calories a day with atleast 200g protein. (I weigh 182lbs and I’m about 9%-10% bodyfat). I’m also taking creatine, but that’s it.

Hope this helps…

Thanks for the info dude. The reduced volume chest and back work will really hit the spot after I finish this 12 weeks to super strength thing.