Libido, Erectile Function, etc... Bill?

I’m 28 and lately, my sex drive has been almost non-existent. Not only am I not interested in sex anymore, when i do have sex my erections seem to be pretty soft… nowhere near what they used to be only a few years earlier (very large, full erections where the head would get somewhat shiney). I am still able to ‘get by’ and eventually orgasm but only after a LOT of time and effort… I even sometimes just stop without orgasming (which obviously has got my girlfriend feeling more than a little insecure).

It is a generally understood phenomenon that as a male ages his sex drive decreases and his ability to perform 'multiple sets' is reduced :)... I used to be able to have sex 5 times within a period of maybe 3 hours (day after day) and now I can rarely get myself to come on the second or third go around... even after waiting for an hour.

Anyway, my question is: Is this sort of reduction in libido and erectile function normal for someone who is only 28… I’m assuming it isn’t. Is there anything that can be done to help recover ‘normal’ functioning in regards to both libido and erectile function?

I've tried Viagra (the tiny, hard, green tabs from IP) at a 150-200mg dose and experienced excellent results... returned my erection quality as well as duration to levels I hadn't seen in at least a few years... however as Viagra doesn't address libido issues, things could hopefully still be better. I noticed also that after the Viagra, even late into the following day, I'd be having a lot more spontaneous erections than I'd had in years.

Could it be possible that I’m just ‘burnt out’ from having sex/masturbating on average 1-3 times a day for the last 10 years? I should also probably add that I rarely get enough sleep (4-6 hours a night) and have very bad sleeping habits (go to bed at 4-5am and wake up at 8-10am)… could this be contributing to the problem?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Anybody have any input?

Have you had your testosterone/estrogen levels checked? If so, what are the numbers? If not, that should be your first step!

The hormone levels could be affected, the sleep hours, etc. I think it could also be a little mental. I’ve found at 38, I have things to do. I’m in a committed with a very sexually oriented women. She’s okay with sexd every day. Though, we have found that sometimes it takes a little of the urgency or maybe a better word is neediness out of it. On a bad week it’s 3x a week. A good week is daily or more. Sometimes I need a little sleep.LOL
I’ve also found the 2nd round will not usually involve an ejaculation for me. Sometimes it will, but not always. I’d probably be asking to much of my biology to keep up the pace forever. Erections will have differences from time to time depending on arrousal levels. with the same woman communication and openness help tokeep it fresh. Get more sleep and don’t put to much pressure on yourself!

I’m 28 and I’ve notice a drop in libido - I wake with half wood and I dont get rock hard erections as often. I am always horny as hell though so I dont think it’s a big drop in testosterone. I’m not that worried about it and if it gets worse I’ll start using Tribex. (which I’ll be using after Mag-10 anyway).
Basically I think it’s normal to have a slight drop in sex drive at our age - nothing to get freaked about. If you have trouble in the sack though you may want to try tribex - if that doesn’t work and it gets worse then it’s time to see a dock. Just MO

Iron Doc, I am thirty-eight also and just hooked up with a 34 year old woman who loves it daily as well. Now, ten years ago, that would not have been a problem for me. But now, once daily is pushing it and if I try to go again, I can’t ejaculate either. She is very sensetive and thinks that she doesn’t turn me on and that’s why I can’t bust a nut again. How do you handle that with your lady? Thanx in advance. Herc

We just talk about it. I have no problem talking to her about sexuality and our sex life. What we like, what we don’t like etc. We agree that excrement is weird, don’t get caught in public and no other people. Other than that we’re both liberal.
From my experince, sex is kind of like eating. There is fast food, home coking, and gourmet. It should be a fun activity btween two people. We’ll have sex because we love each other, we’re bored, nothing on tv, rainy day etc.I think as guys we think the gals want a production that goes on all night every night. My gal understands sometimes it’s more intense than othertimes. We’re both considerate about each others needs so we’re both pretty satisfied.

Tell her that the lack of ejaculation can be common the 2nd time around. We were in Hawaii recently, and had a lot of free time on our hands. The second or third time that day wasn’t going to end in an orgasm for me. She was cool with it since she understands this now.

Ciaran, what is your diet like? I’m 28 too, and if I’m on a cutting diet, my libido is non-existent too. However, if I eat a lot, I’m like a machine. Check your diet first before you start looking into supplements. Lots of protein my friend!!! But if your diet is in check, get some Tribex. I was like a rabid dog on that stuff. If Britney was on TV I literally had to leave the room because I was going nuts.

Or it might just be a reference point problem. At our age (I’m 27) we’re leaving our sexual peak so you might think you have a dysfunction. When you’re a teenager to early 20s you only count the number of times in the day you dont have a bone. Times are a changin. If it makes you feel any better, the state we’re in now is probably as good as its gonna get for the rest of our lifes. :slight_smile: lol Bright side to every story!!! Or else you could check out that thread on male anal stimulation and see if that does anything for you.

Thanks for the feedback guys… I really appreciate it. I haven’t had my test/estrogen levels measured so yes, that would be a good first step (thanks Kyle). I did have my DHEA levels measured when I was about 24 (blood test by my doctor at my request for curiosity’s sake) and we found that my DHEA levels were quite low for a normal adult male ~30 years of age. We never ended up doing anythng about it because a)I felt okay and b) I doubt my doc had any idea what to suggest.

Regarding diet… I can definately say it sucks… not enough calories, one giant meal a day late at night, not very much protein… etc. So yeah, it os probably safe to say that my diet can be dramatically improved. Whether this will improve things I can only hope… seems totally logical though (thanks GrowtH).

BTW, but I’ve read a lot of good things about Tribex… does anyone else have any input on Tribex improving sex drive?

I think Brock also mentioned that he had very good success with first-thing-in-the-morning only usage of Winstrol… according to Bill Roberts, this has a very good effect on libido while being non-suppressive as well. Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks again.

Ciaran: I have to chuckle a bit. You complain that your libido is down, then you go on to mention that you don’t sleep enough and your diet sucks. Before you look to supplements and/or other outside aid, try improving your diet and sleep patterns. I’d be willing to bet you’ll see some dramatic improvement once you address those issues.

You just need a date with Betty Weider to get tuned up.

I don’t think guys have to settle for loss
of libido much, if at all as they age. First,
you have to get diet, training and rest in
order. But assuming all that is in place,
with tools like tribex, clomid, HCG, test,
viagra… etc. There is absolutely no reason
why a 40 or even 60 year old guy can’t have
some fucking incredible sex - IF he stays
healthy and takes care of himself (including
vascular health). Using any of those
substances might not be “natural” (whatever
that means) but who fucking cares? As long as
it works. There are so many things we are
doing today that aren’t “natural” that there
is no going back anyway. Personally, my sex
drive has been higher in my mid-late 20s than
it ever was in my teens or early 20’s. So I
personally I don’t buy into this attitude that
people have that after your late 20’s it’s all
over for guys. If you want to believe that,
hey that’s fine with me. All the more women
for me! :-p