knee tracking

I have a pain on the inside of my knee, just below the knee midway through flexion. A friend of mine who is a massage therapist thinks that my knee is tracking improperly due to a weak vastus medialis which is causing, Id assume, my knee to be pulled laterally. Besides strengthening the VM by doing the last 15 degrees of a knee extension (which is what I was told to do) what else can i do. Id imagine doing some one and a quarter squats would probably strength the VM more.

Your friend is correct. If you do single leg extensions with the foot turned out, you will target the VM. In addition to weak VMs, patellar tracking problems are caused/contributed to by tight ilio tibial bands (the band that runs down the outside of your knee) which pull the patella laterally. Massage this, or get someone to do it for you and work on loosening this up.

Stretch your piriformis muscles and your illiotibial band extensively. Sometimes the ITB becomes chronically tight, which “could” indirectly be pulling your knee out of alignment. This happens to many athletes, often causing the kneecap to occasionally POP… been there done that.

Run a google search on ILLIOTIBIAL BAND SYNDROME;
you will be surprised what you’ll find!

On second thought, ITB syndrome probably doesn’t
apply to you, being that your pain is on the inside of
the knee. Though it’s still worth looking at for those with mysterious knee ailments… especially hockey players.

Your MT friend certainly knows more than I do. If it were my knee I would get a medical opinion on any joint/ligament pathology that is or is not there.