Just some questions for doug and anyone else...

Hey doug and the rest, i thank you so much for helping me out and providing me with great info and a great program to kick start my weight training! i just wanted to state some more facts about how i train etc…if i didn’t mention which i think i did before, i train at home, mainly because its a lot easier for time, no waiting on machines, and no one sitting there watching you. I’m purchasing an olympic set asap, a 300lb one, and an olympic curl bar, and some olympic dumbbells, and possible one of those swiss balls for abs and what not, regarding the weights, what locks are the best?? the clamps that come with my set are those basic ones, i had speed locks with my old set, they were ok, but is there a really good set you can get??..

As far as eating, i’m just gonna take advice from this great site, and my dad, just eat a lot, i’m gonna watch real fatty foods, but still gonna eat fat, you need it, but are these foods im gonna mention ok for weight training, i usually eat some raisin spice oatmeal mixed with milk or any other flavour for breakfast with 2 bagels and cream cheese or toast, sometimes with a banana, then a couple hours later i’ll have 2 chunk or flake light tuna sandwiches, no miracle or mayo added with it, just tuna, then for lunch ill have some canned chunky soup or tomato and rice with some toast, and a piece of fruit, a couple hours later a protein shake, 2 scoops (recommended), or some rice, then for dinner i’ll have a meal with either chieken or a sirloin steak with potatoes and garlic bread, or pizza, but occasionally, is that pretty good for eating??

sorry to continue to ask question but i just want to find out whats best for me.
for the program, for warming up for sets, do i have to do warm up sets?? cause i stretch for like 10 or 15 mins, and im limber, isnt that good enough? , for the exercises, should i choose a weight that i can handle the rep range with, the heaviest i can handle? or just choose a weight where doing the required reps will be fairly easy?? cause im not sure, when i trained before, i usually chose a weight i could handle for that rep range but squeeze the last rep out…and for that tempo thing, i raise the weight fast?? then lower it fairly slow? isnt that dangerous?? can you provide me some info on doing the exercises with temp, sorry but i just followed my exercises slowly before to maintain form and control…THANKS Doug, and everyone else!


1)I’ll get back to you on the clamps. I do know of a good brand that weigh about half a pound together, but I can’t remember the name right now.

2)As for your diet, more protein and more fat.

3)Yes, you do need warm-up sets. The # depends on the weight you’re using, but a good general rule is 2 warm up sets per 100 lbs. Check out Charles Staley’s article on how to warm up in issue 115.
4)For these first 4 weeks, I want you to leave three reps in reserve. That means that you could have done 3 more reps if you had to. And keep the weight constant. This will probably mean that by the fourth set, you may struggle a little bit on the last rep.
5)The tempo prescription is easy. Each number is in seconds. A tempo of 311 goes like this:
3 seconds for the eccentric or lowering,
1 second pause in the bottom position,
1 second to lift the weight back up

Just make it easy and count to yourself during the lift. Once you get the hang of it you won’t have any trouble. Feel free to email me at drsantillo@hotmail.com if you have any more questions.