Just. Don't. Suck. Vol. 2

Squat-370 (6.25.18 Post 2170)
Front Squat-275
Deadlift-545 with deadlift bar (6.19.18 Post 2104)
Deadlift-505 with Rogue Echo 2 bar (5.15.20 Post 7953)
Power Clean-315 (8.24.16)
Bench-305 (6.13.18 Post 2064)
Overhead Press-170 (6.10.18)
Push Press-245

@Chris_Colucci I found a snag with my system generated log. I can’t post three times in a row. Any chance you can copy my 82 posts from Part 2 to this log?

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I actually feel pretty damn good knowing I was the last post In your log :sunglasses:


Somewhat poetic being the last post in the last one and the first one in the 2nd


It’s so nice that the mods automatically set up a part 2

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I was surprised to see that, but I appreciate it.

I took off work early today to start tearing out vinyl flooring. We’re getting new stuff tomorrow and it’s my job to make sure they have a blank slate.

The half day that I work was great. I had entry training and my role is the ram/pry. A firefighter showed us how to pry a door in different scenarios. We got hands on experience with a sweet training door. I also got to use the ram a few times. It’s always cool to bust open a door.

After that, I played with my new gun and shot for a bit.


Wow 10,0000 lock down for you. You must be very popular, that or you talk a lot.


It’s definitely the latter.

Big J is active in a lot of logs, and has been there throughout the couple years mine has been going, even when I’ve neglected to check on him. He’s getting all the traffic he deserves!


Easy tiger. I think there is another area where you can start a lifter appreciation thread. :wink:



Not sure if I’ll train today. My back is wrecked from messing with that stupid vinyl flooring. I only did the kitchen. The installers are supposed to be here between 9 and 10 (it’s 0740) and I haven’t touched the laundry room.

I forgot how full body training means you have to hit the same or similar muscles again every two or three days. I might revisit my plan. Wendler’s Full Body template has a day being 5/3/1 Squat and then DB Bench and Rows for 5x10. That’s it. My plan has quite a bit more work than that.


That sounds like a sweet day on the job. Think you’ll miss that kind of stuff with the switch to teaching?

And, what’d ya get?!

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Those days at work are rare. I try to go to the range monthly. I can do that as a teacher; it’ll just cost a little money.

I picked up a Springfield Saint 556 pistol. It’s sweet.

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I wasn’t shopping when I found it. I went to pick up base plates for two magazines and saw it in the display.

I almost bought a semi auto mag fed 12 gauge shotgun when I picked up the Saint. I looked at it like eight times while waiting for my background check to clear.

I wonder if it was the same piece I handled a few weeks back doing just about the same thing. I believe it was called an FD12, looked like something from a John Wick movie and probably a lot more fun than the Hellcat I picked up.

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Only hiccup is that your posts aren’t being “yellowed”/highlighted, since the first post was auto-generated.

If that matters, I can shift things into a new-new thread with you as the OP before this one gets too far along. I believe that’d also let you edit the title and tags. If it’s fine as-is, then no worries, keep doing your thing.

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It was a Rock Island and looked like an AR-15. John Wick used a Keltec and those are pretty sweet, too.

I’m good with it. :+1:


now I want a gun…

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Go find a range and sign up for some training. The places we have here typically let you rent guns to try before you buy. One rental allows you to swap out guns and try different ones. Learn how to use them and figure out what you like best.

I’m a huge advocate for guns but if you’re going to have one then know how to use it - and that goes beyond point and shoot.

We had a guy run from a car stop this week (not me) and he managed to shoot himself in the head when he tried to get over a wire fence. He had his finger on the trigger while running.

That might have been the best thing for officers chasing him (instead of a shootout or worse) but it’s a prime example of not knowing the fundamentals of handling guns.