Jason Baran

Steely eyes had it right. Jason barans problem stems from the fact that he can’t get laid, pure and simple. When anyone mentions the fact that he’s a nut he goes on the defensive and claims you resort to name calling, yet he has no qualms making fun of indians or calling people commies or leftists. He quotes scripture when it suits him, yet disregards passages that don’t fit his views. He complains of minorities draining the system yet he is also mad that he cannot function in the real world, and hates the fact that he is also a drain on society. Akicita, the reason he does not reply to your questions is because he has no reply for them, and his precious bible, or St. Thomas Aquinas does not adress it. He supports a “left wing” conspiracy because he is also a victim of the liberal left wing idea that mentally ill people are “victims” and he believes he is one. For those of you who are insulted by Mr. Baran, take comfort in the fact that you are most likely paying this gentleman’s way through life. It is we left wing commie pinko americans of mixed unpure race that foots the bill for his medications, and most likely his psychiatric treatments when he has a bad spell. This is what pisses him off even more. I for one, being of mixed race, will pay my taxes in two weeks with a big smile on my face. knowing that the only reason Jason Baran isn’t in some state hospital, or on the streets sucking the dick of a non-european man to make ends meet, is because hard working people like us are paying his bills. All because the “left wing” psychiatric scam labels him a “victim” and unable to work. Enjoy that government check buddy.