Jason Baran

Per capita there may indeed be more black people on welfare than whites, in raw numbers however, there are far more white people in prisons and on welfare. Not to mention, whites lead the league in multi-generational welfare recipients, so go figure. I just hope you practice what you preach Jason and hold down a full time job rather than collect those government crazy checks for being “disabled”. It’s the “pure” European race that also holds the title of draining our social security system here in America because of their inability to hold down a job because they are “victims” of mental illness.
Some more food for thought, Catholic priests are the leaders (per capita of course) in alcoholism, homosexuality, and pedophilia, hope you get a new pope soon to clean this little mess up, perhaps you should take one for the team and hit the seminary, it appears you have all the qualifications to be a great catholic priest.