Jan Tana

Has anyone on this board been to the Jan Tana? Bo and I purchased VIP tickets and I would love to get some feed back from anyone who may have gone in the past. Thanx! -


Weightlifter Girl,

I may go, as two of my athletes are competing. I am not sure if I can make it due to work though. I will try. Just root on Yaxeni and Fannie (heavyweight and middleweight, respectively).


Hey, no problem!!

wghtlftgrl: I’ve never been (I hope too in the next 1 or 2 years), but my understanding is that it remains one of the few (and dwindling) premier events in Bodybuilding and Fitness. Jan Tana is supposed to be a very smart and astute buisnesswomen who will probably keep this one of the top events for years to come. You have to give us a little blurb on “the Forum” about the event when you get back. HAVE FUN!!!