What to expect from isometric holding top position with 50% of 1 rm in BP to failure then eccentricly resist barbell on the way down trough ROM as fatigue sets in?
It is eccentric quasi isometric but not in stretch position, will it stiff tendions, does it cause blood restriction lake of oxigen and activtion of type II fibers?

Iā€™m so confused.
Is this some sort of sport-specific training so you can halfway hold a weight for like a really long time?

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Gymnastic training does a lot of isometric holding and they are extremly strong

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Its like eccentic quasi isometrics but not in stretch position. Im not sure is this version have any benefits to benching or it is sport specific.
Bench press holds at top of ROM till failure then ressist barbell on the way down with light load 50% long duration. Doing isometric part should cause restriction in blood flow (oxigen) and recrute type II fibers (glicolictyc), longer duration should be for endurance strength not that much hypertrophy.
Should tendon get stiffer, does it carryover to full ROM because of eccentric part or its just angle specific (lockout). Basicly how i see it is isometric till peak force then eccentric when force starts to drop off.
Buddy in gym doing it he is in calisthenics training, he progress hold time from session to session and says that his Rm went up.

The only benefit to isometric holds that Iā€™m aware of is with Extreme Stretches (30-60 seconds of weighted hold isometric in the stretched position, immediately following the lift). This is the ā€œsaferā€ alternative to KAATSU training (bloodflow restriction training).

I donā€™t see why holding the isometric in full contraction would be beneficial for this - and if it was, I believe it would be only marginally as effective as during the full stretch portion.

I also do not believe that doing an excessively long eccentric portion of the rep is that beneficial; I find that doing partials in the stretched position (long-length partials) to be more effective than most other intensifiers. Drop sets are quite good at this too.

*obviously not Darden, but a HIT advocate and practitioner.

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Is loded stretching ( eccentric quasi isometric ) done with dumbbells or chamber bar good for benc pressing? As result you have longer range of motion how that affect benching with streight barbell, its good for some sports like

It can be with anything that you can effectively stretch the muscle with, so it can be DB, BB or anything else that works similar.

A bottom hold bench press can work for pecs. So can a bottom hold FB Flye.
Just as examples.

Something tells me this would be quite a long TUT. I would think

The latest research would seem to bear this out.