Is this good?

Ok. Here is what i’m doing for legs. I will do it either 2 or 3x per week.

Depth Jumps
Lateral Cone Hops
Jump Squats (BW) (soon to add weight)
Forward Lunges 3x10
Step Ups 3x10
Bulgarian Split Squats 4x6
Romanian Snatch Grip Deadlifts 4x6

Help is appreciated

what about squats? deadlifts? cleans?

what are your goals?

Nice. I do Lateral Cone Hops with a bar loaded with 315 on my back.

Don’t have access to a squat rack soo…Bulgarian Split squats so i can go heavy.

I do do deadlifts…Romanian Snatch Grip Deadlifts.

No cleans, haven’t learned how to do them YET.

Goals: Speed Vert Strength

Your routine is strong on explosive movements, but weak on pure strength building.
Box squats and good mornings would really help. I don’t think you can substitute Bulgarian (single leg) squats, though they are a great addition.
See ‘The Pro Maker’ article and go to
Joe DeFranco’s website, He has an article there about the 15 best vertical leap exercises and why they work. A good read.