Insomnia and ECA

Anybody have an opinion as to how much better Clenbuterol is (if it is) than ECA? Also, on a side note. Anyone know of anything to take for insomnia? Just to knock my ass out. I can never sleep, and when on something like ECA I get like 5 hours of sleep a night tops.

With my personal experience and research with Clen, I have found that you need a minimum of 6-10 per day. You need to work up to this. Expect major headaches for the first week. I got major hand trembles also. I have found though that even at 6 per day, I could still nap, even right after a dosage. I got leaner on clen vs. ECA. If using ECA take 2000 mg of vitamin C, when you are ready to start winding down. High doses of C, eliminate ECA. If you are still alert an hour later, take another 1000mg, and so on.

Clenbuterol is a bit better then ECA but it also doesn’t work as long. 2 weeks tops.
If you can’t sleep on ECA then you’re probably taking it too late in the day. I can’t take any after 3 pm if i want to sleep that night. If you still can’t get to sleep you might try an herbal tea like chamomile and some ZMA. Although I dont feel like ZMA puts me to sleep I definitely do stay asleep the entire night without waking up when i take it.

I dont think its any better than the ECA stack, but it is a good change up for the body. Only effective for 18 days of consecutive use, previous articles recommend 4 tabs a day going up to as many as 6, seems to work pretty well at this dosage.

If you are in your mid 30’s or later, then take melatonin
1-5mg 1/2 hour before sleep, along with magnesium and
tryptophan. If you do not have access to typtophan, eat a
green banana and some cooked brocoli as the carb source
of your last meal of the day. Both of these foods are high
in tryptophan. If you are younger than mid 30’s follow
the same protocal except dropping the melatonin. Studies on
rats indicate that exogenous melatonin use by middle age an
older rats extends lifespan, while melatonin use by young
rats shortens life span. Also, unless you are in your 30’s
your body probably still produces plenty of melatonin.

Clen is better in the fact that it last 13hours in the body so it works for a longer period of time than eca stack.
as far as the amount to take it tepends on how much you can handle. In my experence it varys on brands, I think that oxyflux is twice as good as spiropent and most other brands that I have tried.

Sleepy asprin. Tylnol P.M. knocks me out for hours