increase reps for push-ups

I’m currently trying to increase the number of push-ups I can perform in a two minute time period. I’m currently in the range of 55-65, and I would like to increase the amount to approximately 100. Can anyone recommend a routine that i could try? I’ve just started bench pressing with lighter weights and higher repetitions(15-20 range). I wasn’t sure if I should stick with weight training or just trying different variations of push-ups or both. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Try doing some clapping push ups.

this is a push workout that I got from my friend and in two months I went from 50 or 60 to 126. He got it from west point.

  1. 40 pushups with feet on chair
    2.10 sec rest 40 wide grip push ups
    3 10 sec rest 30 close grip (8in)
    4 10 sec rest 30 reg. grip
    5.10 sec rest 40 push ups with knees on floor aka girl push ups
    do this every day for 6 weeks increase reps if possible. You should always keep to the 10 sec rest even if you have to do less reps. I hope this could help. you should take on or two days of a week once you get in to the program.

well, i have to say that i personally can’t do that many push-ups so i’m no “expert” but, can you even do 100? i do’t mean this in a bad way but you’ll never do 100 in 2 min. if you can’t do that many to begin with. so, let’s assume you can do it. i’d start with timing how long that takes then trying to build on it. for instance, if you do 60 in 2 min., rest then see how many you can do. also, try 4 sets of 25 in a very brief time then shorten the rest period and increase the speed of the set. i would forget the bench since you are working on a specific goal in push-ups. also, remember that other body parts can’t be worked as hard to compensate for the effort you are using to do push-ups. hope this helps.

p.s.- ihave other ideas if you’re interested but this should get you started.

Are you training for a military test of some sort? I ask because it seems to me you should focus on improving your aerobic capacity to some extent, but I would’nt want to recommend that if it does’nt fit with your other training goals. If it were me I would consider T.C.'s “Bowlful of Jelly” workout or some variation of it. This would serve to eliminate some “dead weight”(fat) and increase your lactate threshold. Also, I think bench presses are a good way to creep up your training volume(ex:in one workout you might do 5 sets of 15 at a given weight, then next workout 5 sets of 20, and so on …). Make sure you are executing your bench presses in a tempo that approximates the push up tempo.

Do you go to a military academy by any chance?
As for your question, lose some bodyfat. It’s pretty easy to do push-ups if your bodyfat is under 7%. I would also stick to a more standard bodybuilding routine. Don’t be training in the 15-20 range too often. It’s not gonna do much for you. My suggestion, do some powerlifting type training for your nervous system and take your bodyfat way down (if you want a suggestion try the Anabolic Diet for this).

It’s probably just your endurance that needs work. So do sets of pushups doing as many as you can at a moderately slow tempo and take only a brief 45-60 seconds rest in between sets. Do about 4 sets of this every other day and see what happens…When you can get 50 or 55 on a slow tempo then you’ll sure as heck be able to do 60 on a fast tempo

Get a deck of cards, flip one and do the number of pushups on the card, face cards = 10, aces =15, rest 10 seconds and repeat on all the cards have been flipped. This is also a good technique to use when traveling