Increase My Appetite

I’m in the same situation…

TRYING to gain some weight and eat more, but my appetite just isn’t there.

I’ve only been at this weight gaining for a few months…and haven’t made any great gains…but taking baby steps have helped.

I usually bring snacks and my lunch to work…

Changes have included:

1/4 cup of almonds/walnuts → 1/2 cup
2 apples instead of just one

I’m not regimented about it, meaning I don’t eat “ever 2 hours” I just eat all day (graze)

So I might have some of the nuts…have an apple…back to the nuts…

So maybe try just increasing the portions?

Good luck!

[quote]theBigEnglishman wrote:
How old are you, did you have much of an appetite when you were younger (If you have finished puberty) . Your not fat but you don’t seem to have any visible abs in your photo. Try protein supplements[/quote]

i’ve just been on holiday and didn’t have access to the internet for a couple of days, but my avatar isn’t a picture of me! i knew i shouldn’t have used that picture. I’m 28! and my avatar is a female beach vollyball player. lol

I should put a few pics up in my profile, i didn’t want to cos i’m not big enough, but i’m a lot bigger than my avatar.

there, i’ve changed my avatar and i’ve uploaded a few pics of me on my profile. I do appologise for the poor picture quality and the dodgy mirror(used my phone in the office toilets). I would really appriciate any coments on the diet that i’ve put up,

my thoughts while i’ve been away are to get loads of bananas and sweet corn as well as some peanut butter and olive oil down me, as to coments about protein, i listed all i consume

i couldn’t tell you exact portion size, but generally if i have steak i’ll get rump and it would be the size of my plate (with all the veg etc. on top) or if i have chicken i’ll have two fillets. i would eat a whole medium troute or just a single salmon fillet.

I started this thread cos i’m stuck at my current weight, my lifts continue to go up without fail and my arm, chest, shoulders and leg dimensions are going up too (but slightly slower than my strength) so my natural assumtion is that my food intake is letting me down.
Please advise.