In need of a training/diet makeover!

Okay everybody, I need your help. I’ve been on the verge of total burnout all summer. I cut back on my weights to three times a week, but since I always split most of body groups up, it’s tough to make any real gains. Also, my metabolism sucks. I lost about 35 pds about 2 years ago and the key was lowcarb and ridiculous cardio. Problem is, it seems I have to follow this same plan to stay lean and maintain the status quo. I’m talking 2 1/2-3 hr workouts, including about 50 min of cardio all while taking in no starches and my only carbs from veggies. I know. It’s insane and near immpossible to gain muscle. The main reason I need a change though, beside the burnout, is because Im a student and my fall schedule will be hellacious. I NEED A TOTAL BODYWORKOUT, WITH A MOD. AMOUNT OF CARDIO, 3 DAYS A WEEK AND A DIET THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO PUT ON LEAN MASS AT A REASONABLE PACE AND MAINTIAN A REASONABLE LEVEL OF BODYFAT. Keep in mind though, I need some something practical for a student. I’m interested in the Anabolic diet, but I don’t know what workout would be best. I basically just need some sound refferals on TMAG info. for my situation. Also, how many cals. would be a target for a 190 pd guy with my goals, to maintain fat level and put on some muscle, and what rep/set scheme would a total body workout 3xaweek involve? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

O…a college kid!!! I’d kill to be in college again. sigh

If you want to workout 3 times a week, try Chris Shugart's Beginner's Blast Program. You should be able to find it by using the search engine.

Chris: I couldn’t find the “beginner’s blast,” as mentioned above. I know your great with the diet-combo-weight programs. I need something that is not only practical for a student (but somewhat advanced as I have been lifting for about 7 yrs.), but also something I can make LEAN gains on in time. As I mentioned above also, I was interested in your anabolic diet, but would this be too hardcore mass for me? I would greatly appreciate your expert insight into my situation. Thanks!!

You have been lifting for 7 years? Why in the world can you not make your own 3 day workout?
Or better yet, look at the FAQ, it has plenty of workouts. I think you need to go back over the post you wrote and think about some of the stuff that was said, you might find your problem.

First bit of advice - display adaptability. (See latest paper edition if you don’t know what I mean by that.) In short, I can’t provide a diet that fits all your needs perfectly. You have to do that. The first step would be to read the info already here at T-mag. Start with the FAQ. You’re asking for a lot of info here, and all of it has been covered before somewhere.

Okay, that said, the Anabolic Diet (which is not mine, but Dr. DiPasquale’s) is not ideal for mass gains. I don’t think any low carb diet is. If you’ll read the article again, you’ll notice where I said this already.

The Beginner’s Blast Off program can be found at T-mag by typing the name into the search engine. It’s part of my Dawg School series. It can also be found in the previous issues section and linked in the FAQ section.

Also, don’t assume you have to have a total body program. You don’t. But if that’s what you want, T-mag has a few already provided, most recently by Ian King but also by Davies and Alessi. (And myself now that I think about it.)

I hope I’m not coming off rude here, but basically you’re asking that we provide you with a training program and a diet all custom fit to you, but at the same time, you don’t have the ability/desire to use the search engine or FAQ to find an article already suggested to you by Stella. This fact doesn’t exactly make me want to spend a few hours of my weekend helping you for free. From past experience, I know that people who do that don’t follow the diet and training programs provided anyway. So it’s a waste of time.

Tell you what, do some reading - The Diet Manifesto, all 6 or 7 Dawg School columns, The Missing Ingredient, The Essential Berardi, all Appetite for Contruction columns, Things We’ve Learned, The Testosterone Training Codex, and all Refresher Course columns.

After that, YOU come up with a diet and training program to fit your needs and post it here on the forum. Myself and others will be glad to critique it. Be sure to include your age, weight and other info. Good luck.

Sounds like you don’t like splitting muscle groups up so the recent Hypertrophy Specific workouts by Bryan Haycock sound taylor made for you. Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION They are full body workouts done 3X each week with progressive increases in weight. It would be impossible to post a caloric recommendation for you as you’re metabolism is shot and the amount of calories you should be eating would likely lead to quick fat gain. You do have many options as far as diet is concerned though. If you really do that bad on carbs the Anabolic or preferably the Metabolic diet work effectively and allow you quite a bit of freedom on the weekends. Lots of people have done well with massive eating meal combos. I think the important thing for you now is to get your metabolic rate back in order. This can only be accomplished by eating more food and you will likely have to accept some fat gain. I am curious how long it has been since you’ve had a high carb or high calorie day on your diet? Oftentimes if you’ve been on an extended low carb diet a couple of high cal/high carb days in succession are all that’s necessary to get the metabolism kicking again. If this is not the case than a gradual 200-300 weekly increase in calories coupled with both weight training and cardio work will enable you to gradually build your metabolism back…if it were me I would also use an anabolic like 4-AD-EC during this period due to it’s nutrient partitioning effects (more food into lean vs fat), it’s metabolic stimulating effects, and to help ensure most of the weight you gain is muscle.

First, Chris: thanks so much for replying. I think you misunderstood my request or maybe I didn’t make it clear. I’m not asking for a “taylor made” program. There’s really no such thing. Only I can do that. I just needed someone to evaluate my situation and give me some referrals and advice. You did this and I thank you. I will read all the recommendations. I do understand, if anything, that it is up to me to learn what to do. This is in fact what I’ve always done; self educate and apply it to your needs. Though, part of this process involves asking the experts. Like I said, Im discouraged and burnout and simply need an outside source to look at me and my routine. So, once again, thanks. You helped.
And I have read the “adaption” article. I admit, I must work on it. All about your want.

Kelly: thanks to you too. I will try the caloric increase from time to time and see what happens. Never tried 4-ad-ec. Im a bit conservative when it comes to prohoromones. Plus my budget is usually is depleted by the essentials. I may give it a try when I get some $ though.
Thanks to all who replied. Just needed a diff. perspective.

I think that HST is a perfect fit for your needs. Just add some cardio on the off days. As for your diet, why don’t you start with something like JB’s Don’t Diet. Monitor body comp changes, keep a food guide and pay attention to energy expenditure and make the appropriate increases or decreases in calories.

Exactly man. Thanks. I’m still figuring out the HST, but Im already in the developing stages of The Don’t Diet program. It sounds right up my ally. Now I just have to figure out my calorie consumption and then appy it to the taper method. I’ll keep you posted as my progress. It’ll be about a month before I can get this going good (vacation, finals). Thanks again.