I'm 13 Looking to Start Lifting

I am 13 with limited access to free weights at my local gym. I am trying to get my diet straight with variety throughout my week. It is hard cause I am allergic to Egg whites, Egg yolk, Wheat, soy, and peanuts. My diet, for the time being, is: 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt, 1/4 cup of gluten free granola, and a handful of berries (Breakfast). [9:35] During school at about I have a handful of almonds, [12:30] Chicken Breast with Rice, and broccoli. [3:00] 2 slices of Gluten Free Bread, (Salami or Turkey), onions, cheese, pickles, tomatoes. [8:00] Variety of meats (Chicken, shrimp, beef) and all vegetables.

I also need some help with a gym program that will allow me to slim down because I am around 145-150 which is overweight for an 8th grader. Please respond and help I would really appreciate it.

Depends on your height [quote=“tcherkas, post:1, topic:227234”]
I also need some help with a gym program

You don’t need a lot to train.

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I would honestly spend very little time on the internet trying to read about the gym, because you will confuse yourself. You’re set with the program @dchris linked above, so you can just start lifting. Ask real life, older folks in the gym to help you with your form. Lifting isn’t the most important thing right now anyway (see below).

Eat healthy foods - protein, carbs, fruits, veggies; you know what healthy is so don’t get crazy. Don’t worry about your actual weight, and don’t stress out; you’re only 13.

Most importantly (at least in my opinion) is to play a sport. Preferably several sports. This used to be commonplace, but doesn’t seem to be so anymore. The more varied activities you do, the more athletic you’ll automatically become. Plus it’s fun, it’s social and it will help you in life no matter what you decide to do. I’ve seen other folks post about this, but I really think it’s overlooked. It will be scary to try out for something at first, but that helps make it worthwhile.


  1. Play sport(s)
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Lift in real life (not on the internet)
    Have fun - you’re young!


Thanks man! I got eloquent today.

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Read all the sage advice above twice. The play sports thing is huge. Wrestling and the training for it made me way stronger in real life when I did farm chores as a kid.

If you really have zero access to weights and no cash I’d recommend a dip belt. They are $5 used on ebay. Buy used weights to hook through the dip belt. Go to a playground and do every variation of bodyweight work available. I’d recommend Matt Fury’s bodyweight book, Google it. If you can’t do pull-ups do fat man rows. If you can’t do dips do pushups.

2.5lb and 5lb plates go a long way when you’re trying to learn pull-ups.

I could go on about improvised equipment (sand bags) and training and diet. But really it all boils down to:

  1. Eat enough real food for your goals.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Train really hard.
  4. Repeat all the above with consistency for decades.

There are thousands of training programs, diets, supplements all with their own dogmas and disciples. Those are distractions. If you check those four boxes you will make progress.

Don’t just focus on sit ups and crunches, your back won’t like that.

Lots of great core and low back exercises you can find using our good friend Google. Some basic yoga would go a long way too.

Chicks dig abs and trapz

Edit: you can get cheap TRX trainers at trxmagic.com

Dont be like me and buy a bunch of supplements instead of food i did that once… just sayin!
Also dont worry about rep schemes, specialised equipment, the perfect program just find a program recommended by others(as above )or find one of the countless others on tnation. I did this once i did a bodybuilding split and made zero gains. And went to the gym and just did curls and chest work randomly and hour long abb workoutsBut now i train everything twice a week with good progress.
Dont worry about fat gain as a beginner youl lose weight and gain muscle at the start anyway… so eat alot. (Im a beginner to and i lost a shit tonne of weight and gained muscle) i used to be fat.

I have gotten alot of advice in various threads of mine So check those out im sure itl give you a bit of a laugh and theres heaps of good sdvice from lots of lifters

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