Ignorance Was Bliss-Thanks T-Nation

I’m a beginner. I found T-Nation surfing the web for nutrition and routine articles after I came back from the military with a renewed interest in changing my body composition for the better.

I read all the articles, I use a few of the Biotest supps, and my nutrition and routine are mainly stolen from experts here. I love this place. But ignorance was bliss. Now I walk around wanting to hit people with dumbbells all the time.

The squat rack curler/shrugger (never noticed him before, mainly because I never noticed the squat rack.) The guys who do 30 sets of flat bench presses (and nothing else) every day, the guys who rock back and forth with violent momentum doing curls.

The social meatheads, who just lean on equipment and chat for hours while others are scared to approach. The 27 smith machines, 12 flat benches, and 6 million treadmills…and the one lonely squat rack at my gym. A guy was actually doing split squats in the rack today and I wanted to shake his hand.

My friends that are girls who wont take protein “because they don’t want to get all bulky (if by bulky you mean fit and hot, then ok)” My best friend who thinks that he is going to lose 30 pounds for his wedding by running and switching to light beer (along with his shitty diet and zero weight training).

The front desk people with the overenthusiastic greetings (I want to throw something at them as I walk in). The people at work that look at me weird because i have a protein shaker on my desk at all times (average weight here is like 2 1/2 bills), and refuse to eat the free pizza/cake/whatever in the caf.

I know I’m just bitching, but sometimes I feel like Neo after he took the red pill and got unplugged. Thank you T-Nation. Thanks for opening my eyes. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have seen any of the progress I’ve made in the last few months. I think I might slap a T-Nation sticker on the squat rack, maybe help a few people see the light.


I know what you mean, I’m glad I fond this site too, I use to be one of those people.

there is a long period of my weight lifting which was almost a waste of time and I try to block out all memories of it.

I totally get what you’re saying.

For every 10 dipshits at the gym fixing their hair in the mirrow or using the place as a social outlet I see one young awkward, nervous looking guy. He’s the one we should take care of and encourage.

I send them here, and sometimes I see them a month or so later, kicking arse.

Knowledge brings responsibility, and i believe sharing the knowledge when its wanted is what we should all do.

Good luck to you