IFBB Pro Brooke Pighin

Congratulations to my good friend Brooke Pighin on becoming an IFBB pro at the USA’s on the weekend!!

She’s one of the hardest working girls I know… she literally doesn’t stop! She has competed in 35-40 shows all over the world and has come in second more times than I can count when pro cards were on the line. I’m proud of her for her perseverance—she put in the time and effort and it paid off after years and years.

She comes from a background of athletics and represented the University of Washington and the Canadian Olympic team in javelin. She’s also played many other sports and even dabbled in CrossFit at one point… she switched over to stage sports about 7 years ago and never turned back.

Please help me congratulate her on her win and let’s wish her the best in her pro debut!
(She’s from Vancouver Island, BC as well :canada:)


Congratulations Brooke. I’m sure you felt a lot of disappointment after your previous shows but every time you step on stage it’s a learning experience and you’ll be better because of it. You looked great up there and I’m happy for you.

I am looking forward to seeing your future results. Take care.

Brooke is in Dallas today for her pro debut!! It looks like a big show.

Go Brooke, GO!!! :tada::tada::tada: