Ian king and creatine

So does anyone know where to locate Ian Kings creatine protocol? He stated that hes seen even non responders begin to respond to it.

It is listed in the book Get BUffed

i dont have the book and being in canada i cant afford the 100 dollars it would cost me to get it here

Ian lists two basic programs, 1 if you weigh approx 85kgs and another if you weigh approx 115kgs. I’ll give you the later, if you don’t weigh approx 115kgs just subtract 10 grams per serving (i.e. 20g then becomes 10g). Basically Ian has an 8 week program where he starts at 20g per day in week 1, 30g per day in week 2, 40g for week 3, 50g for week 4 and 5, then taper back down 40,30 and 20g over the next 3 weeks. My advice…stock up on toilet paper. I couldn’t get past day 1 let alone week 1. Hope this helps. LL