I need a good bench routine

I am 37 and have been lifting since highschool and weigh about 200lb. My bench has always sucked. When I weighed 220lb I was able to do 300lbs. Now that I am down from that weight I would say I am about good for 280. If there are any knowledgeable powerlifter out there with a good bench routine I would appreciate and input you might have.

T-mag has several. Search the archives. Look for Dave Date and Ian King.

I don’t think 280 at a BW of 200 is that bad. benching 1.5 times your bodyweight is consider fairly good. 2 times you weight is really good.

Are you going into a power meet? If you’re not than why bench? If you’re looking to put size on, bench is not the cure. The bench is highly over-rated and is also hard on the shoulders because of horizontal abduction. There are much more effective excercises than the bench press. But if it is a personal goal to bench so much, just remember to compete against yourself. There are many genetic factors involved with being able to bench big weight.