I can't believe it!

I saw on CBC(canadian broadcating corporation) Venolyn Clarke tested positive for Stanazolol & Ron McLean & everybody were actually agreeing with Charlie Francis! The head of the British doping thingy said he went to the main lab in England & the head guy there picked up a box of drugs & said ‘Aside from a little water retention, this stuff wouldn’t hurt me one bit.’ They were saying that steroids don’t kill people and they’re not all that bad when he dosages are carefully monitored. They also said that Venolyn Clarke’s positive test wouldn’t have been announced if she was an American.

I saw that too - funny how it always seems to be stanazolol, which is (apparently) one of the easiest steroids to detect. There was an interesting discussion about previous Olympic cover-ups, especially from the states…I wonder how many of them are cheaters this time around?? I think it’s either bad luck or sheer stupidity on Venolyn’s part. Let’s hope she can get through this and not have it haunt her for the rest of her life. interesting state of affairs.

In Charlie Frrancis’ interview, he says that Stanazolol is used to calibrate the lab instruments. Someone at the lab level tampered with the sample. Stanazolol is supposedly more difficult to detect than most (all?) other steriods, that’s why sprinters, etc get caught using it.

Any mention of whether she tested positive for Stanazolol or the metabolite of Stanazolol. I just remember that Francis said that Ben Johnson’s test was positive for pure Stanazolol. That’s obviously impossible, because it has to be metabolized in order to show in a urine sample. I guess we Canadians are fighting from behind with this shit. We don’t have enough money in our Amateur Athletic programs to feed our Nationally Competitive Athletes let alone cover up their drug tests. Francis had it right. “Unban” all performance enhancers and simply monitor levels to ensure that abuse does not occur. It’s the only way to level the playing field. Everyone is on gear out there, it’s just a select few that test positive. I don’t think it’s coincedence or mistake. Amercians never seem to test positive (except Marion Jones’ husband). I wonder why? $$$$!

Sometimes we Canadians act like our shit don’t stink. If we get caught and someone else does not, more power to them, that is the way the game is played. If we could hide it all, we would too. This reminds me of when our girls got silver in the last Oly Hockey. I heard alot of complaining about the dirty tactics the US girls were using, and that it was not fair. They beat us at our own game (aggressive hockey).

What pisses Canucks off is when we sacrifice our own and other countries seem to protect theirs.The Yanks had 15 postive tests that weren’t given to the neccesary doping agency
and 1 of those athletes competed in Sydney, but the Yanks won’t name the person.I thought
it was a reporter that went to the testing lab
and was told how benign AAS is.

man you guys need to read Speed Trap. the Olympic committee is very corrupt. THe thing is, America and other really powerful nations were on the doping board, and can protect their athletes. Ben Johnson, i heard took some stanzolol w/ telling Francis (not in the book, but someone told me that).