CJ Hunter

 Victor Conte of Balco Labs said CJ Hunter took an iron supplement that contained nandralone.  For those of you who live in a cave, CJ Hunter is the shot-putter who is married to gold medal sprinter Marion Jones.  He had been tested before events this summer and was found to have nandralone in his system at many events.  Are they all just trying to blow smoke up our asses?  It wouldn't surprise me if Marion Jones took that "iron supplement" too.  What supplement are they talking about?

Actually, the Norwegian lifter Stian Grimseth was sent home from the Olympics after testing positive for Nandrolone. Lab tests later showed that a ribose supplement he had been using, contained nandrolone. He will now file a lawsuit against the company.

Borge, BSc

An “iron supplement” that boosted his nandrolone levels to 1000 times the legal limit. Cough, cough, bullshit! cough, cough…

Read Shugart’s “Rocket Scientist” article at T-mag. “Clean shot putter” is an oxymoron, at least at the elite level.

CJ Hunter actually tested positive on July 28/00 for nandrolone AND testosterone. He has also had four positive tests this year alone. It was mentioned that this year the USA Track & Field governing body has failed to notify the IAAF (International Amateur Althletic Federation - the worlds track and field governing body) of 8 positive tests by American athletes. Also confirmed is that 5 positive tests back in 1988 were not put forth by the USA Track & Field as well. You know that these people are not nobody’s and that they are going to be “big name” athletes. This puts the USA Track & Field under the blackest cloud!

In weightlifting, if 3 people test positive at an event then the whole team is sent home. An example of this is the Bulgarian team was already sent home at the 2000 Olympic Games (Sydney). I think that this is a much more serious matter. I honestly think that the USA Track and Field team should not be allowed to compete either at the next World Track and Field Championships or/and probably better the next Olympic Games. Just the Track and Field team but not the other sports. “IF THEY ONLY HAD THE BALLS!”

By looking at CJ Hunter I would say the “iron supplement” is probably the roid going around my gym at home. It’s called tubolardone. It can be purchased just about anywhere.

dee-lite…I have to disagree. Ban the USA Track & Field team from future competitions, including the 2004 Olymics in Athens? The athletes using steroids are not evil people (like the Associated Press would lead you to believe and I quote from espn in talking about the gymnast recently stripped of her individual gold medal, “This isn’t a sinister case of an athlete pumping herself full of steroids or human growth hormone. Andreea Raducan isn’t Ben Johnson.”. Athletes who test positive for performance enhancing drugs are only doing what the vast majority of top athletes from other countries are doing to improve and win! It would be very counterproductive to suspend the entire team for an individual’s positive test (or a couple of individual’s positive test)and fortunately the IOC recognized this and reinstated the rest of the Romanian Weightlifting Team. Besides, the IOC knows the top athletes take performance enhancing drugs and don’t care. Billions of dollars are spent on corporate sponsorships, TV rights, etc. and these figures would dramatically decline if drugs were completely erradicated from competition causing the athletes to perform at a lower level reflected by higher times and lower scores. World records would no longer be broken (look how much fun the press is having with the “fast pool” in Sydney and all of the Olympic and World Records that have been broken). The general public would be frustrated and disinterested with the new “clean” athletes when their performances are compared with their previous accomplishments.

But if the IOC wants to clean-up the Olympics, they need to re-evaluate the entire drug testing policy and subsequent penalties. First of all, the drug testing is not done at an independent laboratory. To be fair, that is absolutely neccesary so officials cannot pick and choose who to expose (like they have done, just ask Ben Johnson). Furthermore, top athletes like CJ Hunter do not test positive (or at least are never exposed) unless someone has an alterior motive. My guess would be that someone wanted to prevent Marion Jones’ from winning five gold medals and figured this would be a way to hurt her concentration and affect her performance. Secondly, the penalities do not take the athletes best interests into consideration. If they did, the first offense would be significantly shorter giving the athlete sufficient time to serve his time while allowing him/her to return in a timely manner to pursue their way of life and goals like Charlie Francis suggests. Then, if the athlete continues his drug use, the penalties get steeper. Until this happens, we should not pass judgement on any athlete testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. There are just too many other “political” and monetary factors involved.

I read Shugart’s article, and I have to say I disagree with
the statement that “clean shot putter” is an oxymoron. I have had the privelage to know and train at the same gym as
olympic silver medalist, and number one ranked shot putter
Adam Nelson for more than two years now. He is a first class individual, and anyone who knows the guy would not doubt for a minute that he is clean. Let me explain. He tore his pec last summer, and was unable to lift heavy until
early this year. I saw this guy go from a 500lb. bencher and 700lb. squatter who throws 67ft. to a 400lb. bencher and 600lb. squatter who throws 72ft. Not exactly, tell tale signs of a steroid user. He is actually dwarfed by the other throwers, and attributes his recent gains to technique work and specific midsection focus (because he couldn’t lift heavy). I think it is a terrible shame that
others like Hunter and Barnes shame the sport and cheapen the accomplishments of the great clean athletes out there (they do exist). Dismiss me as naive if you like, but anyone who knows Adam sees him as an example of a true clean champion and an inspiration. - Joe