Hypodermic needles

Is it possible to acquire hypodermic needles legally? If so, feedback will be appreciated. Also, can androgens be injected into the thighs instead of the buttocks?

I don’t know where you are from but here in Oregon you can walk up to any pharmacy before 8pm and purchase any 3ml needle.

I live in upstate New York. Anybody from NYS here who knows the deal? Also, what is the purpose of injecting into the ass instead of the quads?

Yes and yes. There are numerous places one can purchase hypodermic needles online. Do a few searches and you’ll find them. The thigh can be used, but more care is needed in placement.

Thanks for the feedback, Ken.

I have searched on the internet for these needles and found several sites willing to sell…but only to a company. Do these manufacturers really care about selling to an individual, am i supposed to start my own company name or what? I would greatly appreciate any advice…

As far as I know, CA. and Ill. are the only states where this is a legal issue. So, you could check with your local pharmacy. As far as online, I understand a lot of people with health problems go to carecenter.com for info and service on diabetic supplies.