Huge Guy in Wheelchair

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Here’s another inspirational wheelchair bodybuilder, Victor Konovalov[/quote]

My cousin was deployed in Afghanistan in the USMC, 15 days away from coming home and got dropped by an IED and had to get both legs amputated below the knee. Its only been like 3 weeks but he’s already gotten a wrestling camp started up in Wisconsin. He told me he was also going to wrestle in the paralympics. Thats freaking intense

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Why do some of you guys feel you have to come to PMPM’s aid? Her post was NOT funny and shows a lack of class. All these wheelchair athletes have my respect.

And they have my respect as well.

I was building on the “Wheels” joke…ya know, cuz wheels are legs? If you didn’t follow my train of thought, we clearly have different senses of humor. I am very much okay with that.

Don’t know maybe that would be for the guy in the wheel chair to decide? Who knows he might laugh it off:D[/quote]

Written above:

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lol it’s ok, when he mentioned he powerlifts, he said ‘i’ve got a pretty decent bench, but i’m still working on my squat’

I have a feeling he might laugh it off.

Does he compete or has he thought about competing in bodybuilding. He looks very impressive in that shirtless picture.