How to take Methoxy-7

Ok… i might sound stupid saying this but I have troubles getting all of the methoxy in my mouth when pouring it on a teaspoon. it gets all over the place… i dont like to waste money. is there a way i can put it in a syringe and squirt it?

You could do that or you could get one of those big hollow spoons designed to give kids medicine. You can buy them in drug stores. They’re really handy actually. I’ve even done flax with them without having to worry about it dripping off a spoon.

Sure, or for that matter, I just pour it
into my mouth. Getting the space under the
tongue half-filled is about right, or may
be too much. I do go through bottles fast
when using Methoxy-7. Obviously though one
can learn the right amount.

The best way I found is to use a medicine cup from any cough syrup or any other liquid medication. Right now I’m just using a spoon… the first couple of times I poured it too fast, but after that I don’t have a problem. I suppose you need fairly steady hands also. I can get it to the brim of the spoon without spilling (not to brag or anything).