How many calories?

Can someone tell me the best way to calculate maintenance calories? Should I follow the massive eating protocolsfor this, or is there another way? I’m trying to calculate the correct amount to consume for my active rest week so that I won’t lose what I have gained. Thanks fellow T-Men!

The easiest way to keep what you gained is to stay eating the way you ate to get where your at now. Your maintain diet is is to stay eating the same thing that got you there. But if you want to lose then you decrease calories if you want to gain more then you need to increase your calorie intake. As long as your eating the same number of cals. you won’t lose a thing!

The only truly 100% accurate way is to keep a food log and food scale and figure out exactly how many calories you consume on a daily basis while your weight remains constant. Having said that, if you just go lean bodyweight X 15 that will give most people a fairly accurate number.

In the t-dawg articel they suggest multiplying your total bodyweight by 16, 17 or 18 depending on your metabolism.

Thank you for the info guys I appreciate it!