Im curious how many cals/lb you fellow t-men diet on? I usually go for 12x BW but have noticed that JB’s recommendations are much higher. So for those of you that do diet how many calories per pound do you eat? TIA

formulas like 12 cals/lb and so on are useful to get a starting point, but you really have to determine what your individual maintenance calorie requirement is and go from there. i determined mine by using 15 cals/lb. of lbm as a starting point and consumed this amount for a three week period. during this three weeks i kept my workout routines basic with no cardio and monitored my weight and body composition. at the end of three weeks i had either gained or lost weight. all things being equal i had either a caloric surplus or deficit to achieve these results over a three week period. i derived this result down to a daily figure and adjusted my caloric intake. that is now my maintenance calorie requirement. i divide that by my lbm to determine my own personal cals/lb multiplier. as my body composition changes so does my caloric intake. once you have this number you can really dial in your diet to meet your short and long term goals. it sounds like a lot of work i know, but that was the only way i could see to do it.

I go as low as 2,000 at 250lbs, With lots of drugs of course, Now before you all reply “thats way to low” I must say I am on a program Bill Roberts designed for me.