Horrible bodybulding judges

I’m venting and need to get this out of my system. We all know competitive bodybuilding is a subjective sport with no finish line to clearly mark a winner, but the NPC contest I witnessed this weekend takes the cake. My close friend Todd Waltz should have clearly won the heavyweight division; I mean it wasn’t even close. Many in the audience who didn’t even know him came up to him during the span between prejudging and the finals to tell him they thought he was the clear winnter.

But what happened Saturday night? Todd was in second, with the winner another big guy WHO DIDN"T HAVE A SINGLE CUT IN HIS LEGS. Todd is proportionate, big (competed at 207#) and has lots of cuts and striations in his legs. It was incredible.

The winner of the division is local; we’re from an hour away. Coincidence?

Afterewards he asked the head judge what happened, how he can win the symmetry round and be so much better and still lose, and the head judge told him that he indeed had the best body up there! But no clear answers to any of his questions.

Todd is competing again this weekend up in the Lac du Flambeau, WI area at the Midwest Muscle Classic, with Lee Priest as guest poser. And the same guy is head judge, so this’ll be interesting.

Yeah, I know this happens all the time in bodybuilding; I've been going to shows since the late 1970s (Mr. Michigan, Mr. International before it was the Arnold Classic, etc., early Olympia's) and have seen some bizarre things (Franco Columbo win Mr. Olympia with one leg the year after his refrigerator carry accident on World's Strongest Man) and poor decisions, but on a smaller, state level, this was terribly poor judging.

There, I feel better now!

Same thing happened to me at the State level.I took second and the first place winner was an NPC JUDGE!!! knew everybody! This was her last show, she was retiring. How can that be even slightly objective? After that I said Fk it and Fk them. Besides,I didn’t want to take roids, and even in Jr Nationals, the girls are roided out and start looking like guys with dresses on. So I’m giving myself about a year, then I am going to compete in USA Powerlifting. Either you get the lift or you don’t and no Dog Show.

John, a slight correction to your post. Franco broke his leg in '77, right? And then competed in '81. So it was more than a year, if I remember correctly. (The mind’s the first to go…) But yeah, Tom Platz was robbed with 3rd place, and even Dickerson (2nd) looked better than Franco did.

Two words for anybody who reads this and has competed in the South: Doc Neely. The guy is a horribly obese gay man who gets off on judging and is notriosuly biased. Half of his shows are national qualifiers so he makes/breaks potential stars and like John implicated, never seems to judge the out-of-townies too well.

Chris, Yup, the mind goes quickly. Funny, the smarter I get about training, and the stronger I become (still making gains at 46), the weaker I become in other areas. My wife sometimes wonders if I’m feeble, as I can’t remember some weird family stuff but I know to the gram how much protein I’ve had that day. Sigh “They” just don’t understand, do they?
Thanks for the correction, though; of course you’re absolutely correct. Speaking of Tom Platz, I remember when he won Mr. Michigan; compared to the other guys onstage, it was like he was from another planet. Talk about genetically gifted! And a nice guy to boot.

John, sounds like you and I are on exactly the same wavelength. Well, I guess us “old” guys have to stick together, help each other out when possible! Maybe we can get Bodz, Bob Kennedy and a few of the other elders together and start an old farts’ board. LOL! Yeah, I met Platz back in 1980, and (of course) asked him how he got his legs so friggin’ huge. He said, “Get it up here (pointed to his head), get it down here (pointed to his thigh)… Make the connection.” Good advice from a nice guy.

Hey, I like the idea of an “old farts” thread. If nothing else, we’ll confuse the kids on here! Tell 'em all to just eat dessicated liver tabs by the handful and wait for the gains.
Platz was such a genetic freak; he said once in a seminar I attended that he used Coke several times each day to keep his calories up; the man couldn’t eat enough! I can just imagine what would happen to me if I consumed several Cokes per day;it would be ugly.

Why don’t you guys start OFSG (Old Farts’ Support Group)? :wink:

JeffD…I also was a victim (early 90’s) of Doc Neely and the Atlanta crew. What a scam Georgia Bodybuilding has become of the years!!! Thank God for Florida!!!