Horizontal and Vertical Pulling

@CT I have done 2 10 day cycles of yours and have had fantastic results. Thank you. I am wondering how you incorporate horizontal and or vertical pulling into your 10 day cycles or how you incorporate them into your workouts in general. Cheers :slight_smile:

IMO, if you are doing a combo of either High Pulls, Front Squats, Snatch Variation(s), Deadlifts, you donā€™t really need horizontal pulling.

as for Vertical Pulling, a few months back CT told me that a good way to build vertical pulling muscles (lats), you can do 3 sets of pull ups after every session, building up to 3 sets before AND after every session -just make sure you only do submaximal loads (avoid failure by 2-3 reps every set).

iā€™m doing modified close grip chin ups to hit my biceps, using the frequency/loading as described above, and iā€™m really noticing a difference in arm size :slight_smile: (.5-.6 inches in 3 weeks so far) it also means you can hit lats/biceps without having to factor in another workout into your week/cycle