HGH - How to Know What's In the Vial?

Lots of good information in this thread

But i believe what must folks do to test their HGH is they’ll get their baseline IGF-1, then pin the HGH, wait 4 hours and retest IGF-1. IGF should spike if product is legit, but this speaks nothing to the purity of your product.

You can also do Jano testing, which I’ve never done - but he’s pretty much THE guy that UGL buyers go to. Unsure if peptides/GH is within his realm of capabilities, but he tests loads of gear so it wouldn’t surprise me.

If this manufacturer hasn’t provided any security features like barcodes and/or the jano results of their product - its very hard to comment on the quality of your stuff.

Water retention is a known byproduct of GH boosting compounds, but if you’re starting to look like you’re wearing a puff jacket, there might be an issue.

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