HGH - How to Know What's In the Vial?

Hi everyone! Question. I purchased somatropin, looks legit and checked it’s not HCG. Peed on a stick… However, after 8 days of using daily 2ius, I have a rapid weight gain. What are the possibilities the white powder is something else? If so, what it could be? No AAS comes in powder form and mixed so easily as HGH as per I know.

Thanks for the help

GH holds water. It’s not a big surprise you gained a bit. You can also do bloodwork for somatotropic hormone. If it’s high, you are taking GH…


Thanks mate! Reinforced, that was my thinking too ! Cheers for the comment

Fair question

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I usually gained 5+ lbs of weight in short order from the water retention as @hankthetank89 stated. Fairly normal if its legit.

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Lots of good information in this thread

But i believe what must folks do to test their HGH is they’ll get their baseline IGF-1, then pin the HGH, wait 4 hours and retest IGF-1. IGF should spike if product is legit, but this speaks nothing to the purity of your product.

You can also do Jano testing, which I’ve never done - but he’s pretty much THE guy that UGL buyers go to. Unsure if peptides/GH is within his realm of capabilities, but he tests loads of gear so it wouldn’t surprise me.

If this manufacturer hasn’t provided any security features like barcodes and/or the jano results of their product - its very hard to comment on the quality of your stuff.

Water retention is a known byproduct of GH boosting compounds, but if you’re starting to look like you’re wearing a puff jacket, there might be an issue.

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Are you on AAS also? If so, how long into your cycle did the HgH start? I ask since I recently started an AAS cycle with HgH after many years off. My weight jumped up 16 pounds in a few weeks, then dropped back 13 pounds. I saw that as lost muscle reinflating and fat melting off. These perceptions were reinforced by the transformation I saw in the mirror.

So, my suggestion is to take baseline and intra cycle BF measurements. I’ll bet you have lost some fat.

Yes, I am on trt around 80mg every 4 days. Hence the surprise on the changes because even with higher test cycles I never experienced such a gain.

Thanks guys I’ll update on the progress for future readers too!

Appreciate your help