HGH: A How-To Guide

There has been a lot of interest lately on the board in running HGH. I’ve tried to answer questions when asked but I thought it might be helpful to write up a short how-to guide based on what I’ve learned over the last year. These are based on my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and nothing else.

For those that don’t know me, I’m 55 years old, about 5’6" or so, weigh 205 at 15.5% bodyfat as measured by a DEXA scan a couple of months ago. Cruising at: 250 mg Test + 100 mg Masteron/week in two doses plus 2 iu HGH/day.

So, if you are interested in HGH, these are some of things I have learned:

  1. GHG is very expensive. Pharm grade stuff can be over $250 for 100 iu, sometimes WAY more. Most of us use UGL HGH which is generally Chinese generic powder. Even with this, there are varying levels of cost. Lots of places talk about Blue Tops or Black Tops, etc. these are only useful to an individual supplier and not really across suppliers.

  2. HGH doesn’t really lend itselt to MASS gains except at very high doses (i.e. >10 iu/day) , which is not economically feasible for the average guy. A good fat burning dose is about 4-5 iu/day, maintenance is around 2 iu/day.

  3. HGH is a slow game meaning that you will need to run AT LEAST 90 days to see significant changes. Within that 90 days you may see a lot of water gain which you will mistake for mass,not so brothers. After the water goes away, then the fat loss begins. Personally, I did not see fat loss until the second month.

  4. HGH comes in 10 iu vials and the powder is lyophilized meaning its essentially freeze dried. It has to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water meant for injections. While dry, its pretty stable and can be shipped etc. Once reconstituted, it has a shelf life of 14-21 days, and its pretty fragile and must be refrigerated at all times. I keep my dry vials in the freezer until ready to use.
    Note: I personally mix up enough vials to make about 14 syringes and then store the syringes in the fridge so I can just grab one each night before bed.

  5. Mixing must be done on a sterile surface and transfer of liquids must be kept sterile too (wipe down counters with alcohol, swab vials with alcohol, wash hands before touching anything, etc). I use a standard 3 cc syringe to draw the bacti water and inject 1 mL into each 10 iu vial. This keeps the math simple. At this ratio, 1 iu equals 10 units on an insulin syringe. Depending on my dose, I usually use a 0.5 cc insulin syringe.

  6. Injection can be subQ or IM. I inject in my upper arm, typically towards the back of the arm. Its easy for me and there is no pain or bleeding. (I just dont like subQ injections.)

  7. The positives of HGH I’ve found are: fat loss, improved sleep, and improved recovery times. Since my last RC surgery (3 total) I’ve moved to a full body workout, 3 times a week with high reps, moderate weight with very little rest between sets. With HGH, I can hit each body part pretty hard without issue.

  8. The negatives of HGH are: short term water gain, long term carpal tunnel syndrome with tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers and, drops in blood sugar at times. The numbness in the hand is infrequent and I’m a desk jockey riding a computer all day and it hasn’t been an issue. For the blood sugar, I take metformin that I got from an overseas pharmacy and it controls it well.

  9. A typical scenario for a new user might look like this:

120 day cycle at 4 iu/day = 480 iu rounded to 500 iu. Cost of $170/100 iu = $850 for 500. Also need 120 + insulin syringes and enough bottles of bacti water to fill 50 vials of HGH at 1 mL

Total cost is close to $1000 for a 4 month cycle.

  1. When looking for a supplier, try to find one that posts test results of his product.

That’s all I have brothers. Hopefully this is useful to some of you. Let me know if you have questions.


Very nice @studhammer. Thank you for the write up.

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Metformin is not known to stop hypoglycemia and raise blood sugar, since you said the problem are blood sugar drops. Could you elaborate on why you chose Metformin?

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This is purely anecdotal but I was on metformin before thanks to our resident lying POS physio. I did the research on it and it seemed like a good idea to stay on for insulin sensitivity. After starting HGH I noticed that I was have blood sugar drops when I forgot to take my metformin.

When I say low blood sugar, I mean that shaky nauseated feeling when you haven’t eaten in a while.

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@studhammer. Thanks for this post. Its always nice to read fresh material on personal experience. Just curious… any idea why Carpal tunnel is a side affect?

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Thanks. That’s good empiric evidence then.

On another note:

Do you worry about acromegaly? This case report was a man a bit older than you with only a replacement dose. He took it years on end though.

Obviously I’m not going to get any taller!! LOL We all know the older we get the bigger our ears and noses get. That’s happening but nothing of significance.

There are some ideas online, but they seem to vary. I guess, that since mine is already inflamed from typing and mouse work, the symptoms are exaggerated.

Does one need to take metformin if considering HGH? And is it still a thing that people take t4 with hgh as well?

If i have a strict low carb diet, would that be enough to curb insulin resistance?

I take it to help with insulin sensitivity.

I would suggest you leave the thyroid meds alone.

I agree with Stud here. Besides T4 isn’t going to do much unless you are deficient. Its the reservoir for the active version T3. Now taking T3 is another story but I still don’t recommend it. Reserve that kind of shiz for the pros.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up, very helpful!


Ok, I am going to attempt to ask this without violating any rules on what we can discuss. This site doesn’t have IM so— A little bit ago I spent about $400 on HGH and had my levels tested to find minimal in my system >.1 I think it said. I found another source. They have a verification you can look up that links to the lab. I googled the lab and found it independently and they have a scratch off barcode that you can input to see if it has been counterfeited. Prices run around $160.00 for 100iu in 10iu bottles. I am trying not to get scammed again or my wife is going to shut my whole endeavor down. Does this sound like a reasonable safeguard to you?

So you have to purchase the GH in order to scratch off the barcode? Hopefully, I’m not understanding you here. That seems wrong.

My source has his product tested by third party testers (and customers who get blood work while on his product) and puts the results on his forum.

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Bar codes authenticate the package. You’re not injecting the package. Find a forum that doesn’t have moderators, doesn’t have sponsors who run the place, and has honest reviews of products with lab tests to back up claims. That’s how you avoid getting taken for a ride.

When you get the package it has a code you scratch off and input it in the labs site to verify they made it. I will note that they offer a discount if you get labs done and post them and have pretty good reviews on trustpilot.

I have been looking for one and found some, but the activity is pretty minimal. Any suggestions?

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Ok. I had to read this twice to get your meaning. I can be obtuse at times. Thanks Iron.

I guess I’m leery of having to spend the money before I get any confidence in the product.

I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of them.

I know what @iron_yuppie is saying but I like my forum where the sources are reviewed by previous customers. We all know its a gamble to buy UGL gear, its a chance you have to take but a good forum has sources that are vetted and reviewed. They are also discreet and careful in their communication.

I truly appreciate the help you and Iron give. I have a tendency to be impulsive as well as obtuse, lol. And discussing things helps slow me down and even my head out. Thanks again.