Cutting With HGH?

Anyone used HGH for a cut. I was looking at it but it looks like at 4iu a day, we are looking at $200 a month or so. I tried this stuff like 15 years ago and I am not sure if it helped with weight loss, but my feet swole up and I looked like a hobbit from Lord of the Rings. I don’t know if I did something wrong or had bad stuff, but it seems a bit expensive. Is it worth it?

It works for that. I wrote an HGH how to guide a few weeks ago. Might find it helpful

I would love to read it. Is it in the main section or the forums, or do you have a link?

Thank you. That was a great write- up. Going to have to save a bit for a cycle. To your knowledge, is HGH faked a lot like var or primo?

Hey SH, just a couple of questions. Did you always have a metabolism like that (in the HGH article) or do you attribute it to the TRT + Mast and HGH? I use to have a great metabolism when younger, so great it was hard to bulk. Now I can bulk at 2500 k/cal or so. Im 48. I was thinking of adding mast for a bit, do you like it? I am constantly trying to cut down to 15%. I have plenty of mass, esp for my age, I just want to see it.

I think it mostly legit powder from China

My metabolism was great as a young man but it pretty much slowed way down in my 30s and I had to what’s to stay lean. Being on trt has helped a lot but the hgh seems to make all the difference

I think I read in your HGH post that you were running 4iu daily on blast, but I think I read elsewhere where you recommended 5iu. Not sure which was more current and what your experience is, but would like to hear. I just got in an order and was thinking of starting 4iu daily for 90 days. What do you think?

My first blast was 5/day for 90 days, then I tapered to 4/day for a few months, and now I’ve been running 2/day as a maintenance dose for over a year. (I got the most fat loss on 5/day)

GH is expensive and you need to make sure you have a good source. A buddy of mine spent a fortune of GH and it turned out to be fake and he pinned that shit for about 40 days or something then got tested to find out it was garbage.

Look for a source that posts outside testing of the GH itself or of previous users blood work.

I bought some from a source with mixed reviews, but I have no idea how to get it tested. My second order I vetted the source pretty good and am pretty confident it will be solid. I was stockpiling before I started, hence the two sources.

Get a blood test for HGH about 4 hours after pinning. That’s what I did. 4 iu sent my levels off the charts

I really appreciate your help. Thank you. I was just going to start it and if my hands and feet got swollen like last time I would assume its legit. This sounds a bit more scientific. lol

Those are definitely good indicators. I also get carpal tunnel numbness and tingling in my fingers when I’m at the computer too long. Had to buy an ergonomic mouse :slight_smile:

Do you use a specific lab for bloodwork? We are allowed to ask about those sources right?

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