HGH Beginner, How to Dissolve?

Hi guys I need some help I would appreciate it.
I’m dumb and English is not my native language so I’m having a hard time understanding how to dissolve HGH. This is my first time using it and I will be using only 2 IU a day. I got a vial of 120 IUs and I have some bacteriostatic water. How much water do I put in the vial?
Thank you

1.2ml of water. That way every .1ml (10 lines/hashes on a standard U-100 insulin syringe) will equal 1iu of GH. So after mixing you’ll use .2ml of the solution to get 2iu.

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Understood. Makes sense. Thanks alot

Once its reconstituted, it needs to be refrigerated and handled gently. Don’t shake it.

I just load all my syringes at once and keep them in the fridge. That way, I can just grab a syringe before bed.

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Think you math is off by a factor of 10. He said 120iu per vial.

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Hey man, can i ask you something. I heard HGH can grow the cartilages in body. Especially the nose… So im thinking to try one more HGH cycle. 4iu eod.

Have you ever heard or experienced facial changes due to HGH? Like enlarged nose or something? Or it happens only on hardcore dosages for years of usage?

I have a good nose… So it sounds scary a bit. lol.

Is there a rule of thumb for concentration of the reconstitution? I’ve only used the pens and have 2 more before I switch. With a 10iu vial I was thinking of 2.5iu/day by dividing the IU by the number of shots I wanted out of the vial (4)so the concentration would be 2.5iu/.1 on the syringe. Obviously there would be a limit to the concentration I’d imagine but the current pens I use are 15mg and concentrated into 1.5ml of fluid so i would imagine 3iu per .1 would dissolve properly?

Well, you’re asking a 56 year old man if his nose and ears are growing?? Have you looked at your Dad and compared him to his younger pics? ALL of us will have this to some extent but in regards to your question, I do not think the GH has impacted me in an abnormal way.

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I assumed he meant his whole kit is 120, comprised of 10 vials at 12iu. I’ve never seen a lab sell one giant 120iu vial.

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You might want to take a look at this post I made last year

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Neither have I, you make a good point.

I have noticed some growth in just one cycle. Easiest thing for me to pin point is my ring size going up 2.5 sizes in a few months of HGH use. It causes growth everywhere. Other thing I noticed was joint pain; both shoulders, both knees. When I finished my HGH course it decreased significantly in a week. I would still do it again even with the pain however.

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That should be the water retention. Did it not subside after ceasing use?

That seems strange. Seems like water retention, yeah. Did you see any other changes on your face tho? Like nose growth or something? How many IU’s u took?

Still have it after about five weeks of not using. I have to get my damn wedding ring resized lol. Hands and feet continue to grow naturally as we age, not uncommon with HGH use. I just don’t have the dainty pretty hands I used to, now they look like a real man’s hands.

I’m not sure. I suppose not having a movie star nose prior didn’t make me notice a change. I was taking around 2.5 - 3 ius a day. Great for cutting. I’ll be doing it again in the future.

Try BPC-157. It’s a peptide. It works wonders!

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My bad I did not specify that the whole kit is 120IU, meaning 10 vials per 12IU.
I loaded 14 syringes and put them in the fridge. Did my first shot today.
How long untill I start seeing benefits like better sleep and faster workout recovery, 2-3 months since the dosage is low?

I would say by the second month you’ll notice subtle changes like better recovery, better skin, hair growing faster, etc.

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This is almost instantaneous. At least for me, plus vivid dreams