HGH: A How-To Guide

You may have an advantage with EOD in regards to recovery of natural production. What are your thoughts on insulin resistance? I would think more steady ED or 2XED protocol would give you an advantage there. Perhaps there are pros and cons of each method?

Hey brother, as you may remember, my primary reason to start GH was because I thought that since I had terrible sleep apnea my own GH production was low and affecting sleep, recovery, etc.

Personally, I would stick to daily pins at night. Pinning twice a day could be exhausting and really impacts issues like travel since GH has to be kept cold. Plus, GH tends to make me sleepy and I don’t need that in the morning.

A 3 month run should be enough to get you what you want. As far as long term impacts, I have been off GH now for at least 2 months, maybe longer. To be honest, I havent felt much difference but I am sleeping at least 7 hours a night of quality sleep. I havent had any blood test to measure anything. Purely based on what I’m feeling.

I plan on running another blast (at 4-5 iu/day) in a few months to help me with my covid bulk/power belly. LOL

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I think anyone getting on GH should plan to be using metformin or berberine within the first month of starting. Obviously monitor BG and only start when you need to, but eventually insulin resistance is going to be a hurdle that needs to be traversed.

I have a little experience with HGH. If fact, I got my initial HGH through a doctor that was delivered to a hospital. That HGH was manufactured from human cadavers. I later heard of the risk of HGH obtained from humans. I dodged the bullet. I used it with the hopes of adding muscle, which left me not impressed. As I best recall they came in 4 IU vials that I took 2 IU’s EOD. I’m sure it was too low a dosage to add muscle.

From that point all future HGH was synthetic. I used the HGH from then on for the final weeks before a show. I would say I don’t feel confident that it was a major contributor to my conditioning. My workout partner was periodically going to Europe to get the HGH and AAS’s. He was learning that the combination of HGH with insulin produced the greatest results. I never got the correct balance of HGH to insulin, so I never had the opportunity to give it a go.

My workout partner had moved to Utah and said he had the correct balance and it worked especially well for him. He got his pro card the next year. By then I had acquired an autoimmune disease that took away any future competition hopes.

We had heard the saying, “Steroids might make you sick, but insulin could kill you.” I never minded being a steroid guinea pig, but wasn’t on board to be an insulin guinea pig.

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Yeah I wouldn’t consider going anything over 4iu and the larger doses require insulin to maximize gains or bring on size. I’ve heard of guys even in the 2iu-4iu range having water retention, high bp, carpal tunnel etc problems. Honestly though for a recomp thats all you should need as 1-1.5iu is a deficiency replacement dose that puts most men in the upper ranges of IGF-1 labs.

I start 4ius a few weeks ago. Didn’t help my sleep at all, in fact I still feel groggy into the next day. Skipped last night and I was better for it today, but I’ll be back at it tonight. It’s so far been a nice addition to the tail end of a blast to cut. Definitely have water retention, had to take off my wedding ring my hands swelled so much. Anyone else have a groggy/cloudy feeling the next morning?

As I have mentioned the water retention goes away and that’s when I saw the fat loss really show. Carpal tunnel is an issue but one worth dealing with for me. My BP may have been tied to GH or testosterone or sleep apnea, or genetics. Either way, I take meds for BP now.

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I did not. GH helped me sleep.

I forgot to mention that I think GH helped my recovery from working out, stress, life in general.

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I’ll say that even MK-677 seems to have my joints feeling better than they have in a long time. It was always a battle to keep them from aching. Now I had low IGF-1 (barely above the lower cutoff). Just using it to get to hopefully high normal.

I don’t think MK can do what real HGH can do. Just saying I do think there is some accelerated healing that comes from having high GH and IGF-1 levels compared to low.

I wanted to find an answer to this for some time now. You gave me motivation to do it. Answer is still not fully satisfying.

Literature is scarce. It’s clear that HGH suppresses endogenous production but unclear if shutdown occurs. In comparison to AAS there aren’t three parts involved in this, it’s only the hypothalamus and the pituitary. So no fear of shutting down the nuts which are often the problem with AAS while H and P generally recover well.

I searched some time and I found a lot of posts on other sites of people trying it. Basically the consensus is that natural production is shutdown for a few days until IGF-1 levels come back down. So there’s no shutdown even after long term use, but there is suppression.

Hope I could help a bit. If you try it out, get some labs to see.


Ok so temporary shut down in natural test production and a decrease in insulin sensitivity? Is this an exponential increase or a gradual buildup to a certain level? My concern is that when I gained weight (fat) I am pretty sure my insulin sensitivity went to shit, facilitating the fat gain cycle. TRT seemed to help with this and I have been able to finally lose some fat. I have been on a HGH blast for about 1.5 months at 4iu daily and am concerned about reversing this trend.


Great write up!! keep us updated


Can I ask what you are/were taking? I was just in the docs office that prescribes my TRT as he also does wellness/regeniterive therapies. I’m having elbow/biceps tendon issues. We got to talking about HGH and he mentioned he can perscribe but would rather use CJC 1295/ Ipamorelin to trigger pituitary to produce more GH instead of introducing external GH. Says he’s had great results with it as far as healing benefits. He can’t speak to actual rise in GH levels as NYS does not lets docs order testing for some reason. He said he would like me to try it for 3 months to see how I feel. Thoughts?

Just my two cents on this. I’ve used CJC and Ipamorelin together and I’ve used HGH even for a short time. CJC/Ipa did nothing noticeable. HGH did far more in a short time frame. Both were nearly the same price even at 4 ius per day. Blending CJC/Ipa can be expensive.


He wants me to try for three months. $310 including syringes. Didn’t think that was that bad? Might give it a try. He is super reasonable for his treatments. My trt script is only $80 for 10 weeks. Would be interested to see how much the hgh would be.

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Buy your pins online. I get a box of 100 slin pins for my TRT for like $11 from a diabetes store.

Can’t hurt to try. For HGH, one month at 4 ius per day is around $215 (100 ius for around $180) so almost double the CJC/Ipa. When I tried peptides I was paying around $75 for a three week supply. I tried for three months with no results. I’m cutting bodyfat much faster so HGH is a much better value.

Took it for 3 months at a cost of $540. Did nothing.

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I might play ball with him. Could be the pathway to legal gh prescription. :grinning: