HGH: A How-To Guide

Metformin therapy reduces testosterone within 1 week.

Can you elaborate on this please?

I believe you are referring to studies of obese and diabetic men. Not men such as @studhammer who take exogenous testosterone.

Are there studies regarding metformin effect on exo testosterone? This would be interesting to read about. I should start doing some research on that. However I’m wondering why research money would even be used to see the effects of metformin on external sources of testosterone. Likely that are probably no studies. But now you’ve piqued my interest! If I find any articles I’ll post them up. I’ll see what the mechanism of metformin and specifically on the reduction of testosterone and how this occurs.

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Scratch off bar codes, or testing are only worth so much. Labs have been posting testing for a long time. Sometimes it is an edited PDF, sometimes it is legit. The codes verify the gear came from the person who sent it is connected to the website in which you verified your gear on. They don’t tell you the quality is good.

Best bet is to spend a while on the forums before buying. Get blood work while on the products. Word of mouth is good too.

Metformin increases Shbg. It also decreases LH. But luteinizing hormone shouldn’t be a problem if you’re taking external testosterone. The other information about metformin is is that there not prescribing it because it also can cause lactic acidosis and they’ve also found that extended tabs are carcinogenic. But hey what isn’t carcinogenic these days?

The studies I read said the same thing. Which is why I was concluding prior, especially due to the LH response, that it won’t matter so much with exogenous test. Raising SHBG of course may be a problem but it depends on the severity and this may be counteracted with the fact that external test usually lowers SHBG.

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I guess ultimately you have to try and balance the bad with the good. Elevated blood sugars and insulin resistance are worse for some and not for others. But we all know that if you have elevated blood sugars, the best way to lower it naturally is to bust your ass on the treadmill or increase cardio to utilize the additional glucose. So for anybody taking HGH it is definitely a serious commitment. And if you’re not committed to putting in the time or the effort to counteract elevated blood glucose levels and insulin resistance, then you really have to reconsider whether or not HGH is optimally ideal for someone who is not committed. With that said, I myself I’m going to carefully consider taking HGH but I definitely realize that I can’t mess around on this stuff because if I don’t put in the time and effort it can have negative consequences and at that point would be best if I don’t take.

Berberine does the exact same thing as metformin, doesn’t require a prescription, and doesn’t cause the gastric distress that metformin does. It’s probably what should be tried first for a GH user.

I haven’t had this issue.

General question for the HGH gurus… how long do you stay suppressed after say a 3-6 month run? I was thinking of using 4iu/day for a 3-6 month period but wondering how detrimental it will be when I stop. Is 4iu enough? Looking to take the minimal amount to lean up and create a slight positive look in muscle quality/content along side my TRT dose. Figured I would ramp up BTW based on @studhammer recommmendations.

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I don’t know much about recovery times, but some use peptides after to kickstart natural production like a PCT.

General question since this thread came back up. Would using GH 3 times per week on hard days be worth it compared to every day or 5 on 2 off? I know it’s not optimal but this is how I would have to run it. 7.5iu m,w,f. totaling 22.5iu weekly.

From what I’ve recently read this is not a good idea. Many of the pros on other forums are even advocating for splitting up your dose throughout the day IE 2iu morn, 2iu afternoon, 2iu before bed. I think the sporadic dosing you are mentioning would yield a negative result.

Thanks for the reply. I would need to be somewhat covert with it around my house/family so would be hard to use every day. Not sure how I would get around this as the storage temps would be an issue i think.

Yeah I hear ya, same here. Luckily I have a been taking prescribed peptides from Defy, which by the way have done nothing. Nobody will know the difference at my house.

Take GH eod and the suppression is minimal. If I can find a link to the study I’ll post it. It’s hard to argue against good clinical data, especially when we have so little of it to go on when it comes to PEDs.

Would it be effective taken this way though? I’ve heard yes and no. See @blshaw’s comments above.

In the clinical study it showed the effectiveness was on the same level as ed administration as long as the dose was consistent. In other words, instead of taking 3iu/d you take 6iu/eod.

That’s good to know. Maybe I’ll give it a try for a few months. Would be 7.5iu administered m-w-f