If you need closure, this is what worked for me:

  1. Run through the streets of your hometown in your undies (add a faggy…err…fanny pack if you want the full effect) with your brother and have a friend following you with a camcorder.
  2. Go home, watch the video, then drive over it with your EAS Corvette.
  3. Start a bonfire with all your hermetically sealed copies of MM2K and the cases of GKG and V2G you have stockpiled in your closet, and burn the video.
  4. Drive the EASmobile to Colorado and proceed to do about 50 donuts on BP’s front lawn. With practice, you can write “EAS sucks” in his lawn, but this should be left to only the most jilted of ex-BP lovers.
  5. Cry uncontrollably for 2-5 days (everyone is different).

I hope this helps with your closure. It worked for me.