Hey TC: Chanko Paradox!

I have been testing out many diet plans, most of them low carb, and feel terrible when I try them. Now, I realize using any diet is going to leave me feeling less than fantastic and just plain hungry, but low carb is apparently not for me. I was reading your chanko article and you mentioned at the end that some could use the program to lose weight by using smaller portions. Doesn’t this kind of contridict that if you want to lose fat you need to reduce your carbs? Perhaps I am missing something (the distinction is probably as big as a barn door, I just need you to show me where the barn is!) Any input anyone else has would also be appreciated.

you absolutely DO NOT need to cut carbs to lose fat. I’ve gotten the most ripped I’ve ever been 6.8% bodyfat using 47/40/13 for carbs, protein, and fat. My carb intake will stay at that till I hit 5% in 2 weeks, ONLY THEN will I drop carbs if I compete around 3%.
It’s more important to create a small calorie deficiet and eat plenty of CLEAN food.

and you don’t need supplements to acomplish this. they can help some people but they are to much of a crutch to others. personally I don’t use stimulants.

Great post Dozer! I’ve been trying to say exactly that for weeks, but some just refuse to believe it. I guess all the protein peddlers have gotten to them. By the way have you thought about a slight increase in calories as you get lower in b.f. I’ve seen that approach work on numerous occasions to get someone extremely lean towards the end of a dieting cycle. Good luck.

I agree with Dozer and JJ…low-carb or keto is not necessarily the best and certainly isn’t the most healthy approach to dieting. I don’t have a problem sticking close to the ratios that Dozer uses. Like advised, clean, natural carbs are the way to go, especially veggies. You can cut back on the starchy carbs if necessary and replace with fibrous carbs.

JJ your 100% dead on with the increasing calories, your body will not give up fat after a certain point with the same calorie intake. I was taking in 1900 for the longest time and I couldn’t budge below 14% bodyfat…I bumped to 2400 calories and I’ve gotten to 7% and am still dropping, I am gonna increase another 100 or 200 in the next week. and this is also a reason to throw out your scale, I was 151 lbs at 14%, I’m now 152 at 7% so thats a big shift in muscle so you nedd extra calories so you can keep growing.