Help with Unidentified Pills

My friends has these pills that look to be 5 mg apiece, small, pentagonal shaped, pink. He got them from this kid who says they are from vietnam. I don’t want him to be taking this shit not knowing what it is. Can anyone help me out?

Sounds like it might be Flexiril which is a muscle relaxant. The side effects include fatigue. Why would your friend be willing to take a pill that he doesn’t know what it is or the potential dangers in taking it? Sounds like he needs some therapy.

They are either Dianabol or they are counterfeit Dianabol. More than that cannot be said.

Well other people are taking them and he waited to see what would happen to them first. Those people are getting bigger and stronger…at a rate that definitely shows that these pills are not counterfeit. What are the side effects of diabobol or where could i go for information on them and making sure my friend cycles them properly.

Dude…Have you lost your mind? Thinking about taking a pill because others are apparently taking them? You don’t even know what it is! Don’t post on this site…you sound like a fool.

This is probably one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read. I’m sure you’re 100% serious, but it blows my mind that anyone would be stupid enough to ingest a substance that they can’t identify. This only goes to show that Darwin’s theories are alive and well.

I’m a fool for caring about my friend?? He is going to do them anyways and i just want to make sure he does them the best way possible…besides, you can say the same thing for all types of pills…you really never know what you are swallowing. So instead of being an asshole how bout helping out.

You care about your friend? Hit him in the head with a hammer. How can anyone on this site tell you what kind of pills these are??? How can anyone on any site tell you what kind of pills they are??? F****** unbelieveable! Okay they are real d-bol…take ten a day…now would anyone in their right mind believe me, or anyone, without seeing the pills?

Since your friend is apparently stupid enough to try the pills… I agree with Bill, i.e., it sounds like Dianabol. If you want to learn about it, click on the “Previous Issues” button to the left. Once the screen comes up, type the words “dianabol and counterfeit” (without the quotes) in the “Search” box and click the button. The article “The Steroid Cookbook” has some excellent information, and one of the “S-Files” articles will explain how to determine if it’s counterfeit ot not. Don’t assume that it’s not counterfeit because people are making gains on it. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things occur due to placebo effects, especially if it involves AAS (or, I should say, counterfeit AAS).

I agree with the hammer thing…and as far as finding out what pills they are, Bill just told me that they were either d-bol or counterfeit d-bol…which is the answer i was looking for. So my reasoning is might as well construct a cycle based on the hope that they might be real d-bol…do you have a problem with my logic and reasoning?

Bob, I’ve been looking through the past s-files and strasseroids but haven’t found that particular article about counterfeits yet. Thanx for your help.

JJ’s position and that of his friend is the same as that of most guys using anabolic steroids… there’s a risk that the pills or amps are not what they seem. Some have a little better knowledge of it because they buy from a source who does put in the effort to verify that his products are the real thing before selling them, but most are not that fortunate (and a very few personally have the means of verifying their stuff.)

This is one of the problems associated with use
of illegal anabolic steroids.

As of now there is no way to get around it with regard to what we call Class I steroids, those which bind well to the androgen receptor. The problem can be avoided with Class II steroids, except where one specifically wants Winstrol which appears to have added properties compared to other Class II steroids, in that 4-AD and nor-4-AD seem completely interchangeable, in terms of gains, with Dianabol. So, aside from the unavoidable fact that most people will never believe that an illegal product does no more than an illegal one, it really is not necessary to take even Dianabol of certain origin, let alone uncertain. I understand why people do though. The only cure is to try cycles that are the same except for one being
a diol (via a method giving very high blood levels) and the other being Dianabol, and see
for yourself. (Even then, the illegal product will still have a mystique to it probably!)