HELP with inoperable cancer and muscle loss

My friend has inoperable bile duct cancer and is wasting away. He has lost lots of muscle and his total weight is down like 50 pounds. He just finished chemo/radiation and can finally keep small amounts of food down. His doctor said he needs to put on about 20 pounds before the next round of treatment which may only be several weeks to a month away!

Will any biotest products help him out (androsol/tribex)? He’s a male in his 40’s and weighs about 175 right now…

Thanks and God bless

Some might be good to preserve muscle (Methoxy, Androsol etc) but I’ve read where some docs (in cases of AIDS) will prescribe steroids for wasting. Look for info from Michael Mooney (?) on this. I think T-mag has talked about him before and reviewed some of his books. A search should point you in the right direction. Use the search at T-mag, not here at the forum. Good luck to him. See if he can stand some liquid meals too and make them very calorically dense. Stuff like AP or whatever mixed with peanut butter and milk etc.

Methoxy might be safe (??) but other anabolics would probably accelerate the cancer. Bad idea.

He should tell the doc he needs some Deca in order to gain 20 lbs.

You might want to look into someone with alternative med. experience ASAP. Maybe Ralph Moss in New York. If its possible, his systemic immune system needs to be bolstered. There’s a guy out of IL too, a Dr. Block, I believe.

hey howabout, on the subject of cancer, going to doctors, many of them and getting as many official opinions as possible.

I remember seeing a reader letter on how a person’s dad had incrediable results with GROW simply because he could manage to keep it down and keep on drinking it. I’m no doctor, but if one doesn’t feel like eating or can’t keep it down they simply won’t gain. Good luck.

Alot of cancer patients seem to have had good results with Omega 3 Essential fatty acids such as those found in flaxseed oil. He should drink at least 3 tablespoons a day, preferably with a protein shake or MRP, or mixed with cottage cheese. There is a very informative book on fats called “Fats That Heal - Fats that Kill” by Udo Erasmus. There is a chapter devoted exclusively to cancer, as well as chapters on everything from heart disease to athletes.

Best of luck to your friend.

Yes. Dr. Eric Serrano has been using free-form amino acids to treat muscle wasting that comes with severe illnesses. Supposedly, he has had GREAT success. I would contact him. He also has some nutrition recommendations regarding cancer treatment that might be useful. Brian

I agree with the advice about EFA’s from Omega 3’s as well as BCAA’s that Dr. Serrano has used. I also suggest you try to contact Dr. Ron Rosedale, if you use the google search type in his name and u will find an article he worte, “Insulin and it’s Metabolic Effects”, it deals mainly with diabetics but gets into cancer treatment as well, and he definitely knows his stuff. He tells how insulin has a role in almost every disease and even is involved in cancer. You should be able to find the site he’s affiliated with and hopefully can contact him for further assistance.