Help Picking a Program

I need help big time-i have been working out for a year now with moderate gains in size and strentgh but my fat content still hovers around 16%. I want to build a ripped body with good amounts of size and strentgh. Also i cant afford to workout more than 4times/week.

Can anyone advice me about what program should i follow to achieve my goals.

Thanks in advance,

check out Chad Waterbury’s ABBH training program. Many people have made good gains from following this. After this, you can move onto ABBH 2 aswell…

It really doesn’t matter what “program” you decide to use. If you’re only focusing on weight training, you will have a tough time losing fat at the same time.

I know there are some authors/coaches who say it’s only a matter of changing your diet, but for the average person, it takes a combination of diet, weight training and some form of GPP/Energy System Work/HIIT or whatever else you want to call it.

So I’d suggest a training program that uses a combination of weights and some sort of GPP/HIIT training. Then, carefully adjust your diet to match your goals. Give it some time, bust your ass and you’ll get where you want to go.

Remember, the bottom line is going to be how hard you work. As has been quoted in the past, “You can have the perfect program and make mediocre gains, or you can bust your ass on a crappy one and make great gains.”