Help! need to pass a drug test and i have been taking ephedrine

How do i get by a drug test if i have been taking a ephedrine product for a couple months?

Take a shitload of vitamin C to acidify the blood. I don’t know if this will alleviate the problem entirely, but it should help.

I don’t understand your concern. Ephedrine is not illegal. What are you worried about? I’ve taken plenty of drug tests and I take ephedrine all the time.

Well in college football Ephedrine, and even excess caffine is a no-no

Ephedrine is not in your system for more than 5-7 days. If you know that you will be drug tested, stop a week before. If it’s random, you better make the sudafed argument

You should have asked that question on the Steroids and other Drugs side of the board. But Ephedrine can only be detected for three days. So take four days and drink a lot of water. Don’t sweat it.

Employee drug test- no worries, not illegal. (Imagine how many women in the work force use Metabolife or other OTC diet pills.) Sports drug test- go with the others’ advice.

OK, these people are NOT that smart or do not care (one or the other). what are they testing you for? life Ins. you may fail!!! tests for speed you may FAIL!!! tell me what they are testing you for (or for what kind of job it is for). don’t listen to people that just say “don’t worry, no prob.” sure no prob. because it is not THEIR job! peace


well from what I understand its banned now so I hope you stopped. it SHOULD be out of your system in 3-4 days but don’t take the chance. stop now (hopefully you have atleast 1 week before the test, just to be safe). I have a site saved in my computer somewhere that lists just about every drug tested for by each org/job (major companies, ncaa, police dpt.,etc…) I’ll try and find it for ya’. peace

you can tell the person who is administrating the drug test that you’ve been taking ephedrine. What you can do is ask for a specific type of drug test that only detects the illegal substances (illicit uppers like speed, coke, etc.). The test will show up negative, and you’ll do fine.