Healing bone fracture

Broke my leg just above the ankle when I had an accident then mountain climbing. I went under surgery. Any suggestions of what kind of supplements to take to speed up the recovery?
The docters just tell my to rest, they dont know a shit about supplements.

During this time is when it’s most important to eat a high protein diet. At least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight…take extra vitamin C, Calcium, magnesium, and zinc…Glucosamine probably wouldn’t hurt anything either…

Isn’t it true that excess protein can rob bones of calcium? I’m sure I’d heard that somewhere. Anyways, I broke my leg myself about 2 weeks ago. Not too major, cast is off already. I think rest is the only really thing you can do and tolerable weight bearing to aid calcification. Any supplements in my opinion would only add at best negligable results.

I myself would add at least a gram extra of chelated calcium a day, plus at least 400 IU of vitamin D to assure proper assimilation, Also double the normal dose of vitamin C and the regular does of all other minerals. Unless you are out in the noon day sun at least 4 hrs/day and don’t wash for at least 24 hours after exposure to UV, you will need the vit D. These nutrients must be digested in an acid medium in the stomach in the presence of fat, so don’t take anything with sugar at the same time as these supplements. Also, you may need to supplement with hydrochloric acid if your digestion is below par to assure proper assimilation.

I broke my arm at the elbow (olecranon) several years ago, and this regimen helped me to heal in 4 weeks instead 6 according to x-rays. If your break is bad, and it sounds like it was, calcium and vit D may make the difference between a clean recover, or none at all.