Have I finally got it right?

I’ve been following JB’s massive eating plan pretty well the last few months and have been following up my workouts with my own recovery drink similar to Surge, but I never felt any effects like Tim described in the initial article on Surge; That is until this past Tuesday. I followed JB’s most recent Appetite for Construction eating plan where I ate P+F meals up until my 6pm workout. Then, during my workout, I sipped 1/2 of my recovery drink and polished it off when my workout was complete. One hour later, I ate the banana, protein, cottage and cereal meal. (As I normally do.) This time, however, about 45 minutes after eating, I started shaking, feeling dizzy,and my coloring changed. I laid down for about 20 minutes and it all passed. I started wondering if this was the effect Tim was talking about or something else. Any thoughts? Thanks, guys.

If you ate nothing but protein and fat up until your 6pm workout, then your blood sugar was no doubt very low, which could’ve led to a dramatic insulin response you describe, which might’ve felt like what you experienced. It happened to me once, only once, while dieting. It kinda sucked, but then I ate again and felt better.

Why don’t you try making your first couple of meal c/p then a couple f/p before you workout. That way you sugar won’t soure through the roof.